Rethinking Trades

The first thing we need to do is find out why these trades don’t work for the selling team (I’m essentially going to stick with selling teams, but as Yankee fans, you’re interested in the buying teams. Guess what? You win. What? You were expecting something different?). The original theory is a nice one. You turn one really good player into several good ones, and in the swap, you switch out future value for present value. However, the idea is flawed. The theory assumes that the 6-win player traded brings back 2 or 3 4-win (the numbers don’t exactly match up, but you get the point) players, but in practice, the 6-win player continues to be the 6-win player while the prospects never make it or turn into 2-win players or worse. So how do we change this?

One, start demanding top prospects back when you can. I’m going to use the Oswalt trade for the rest of the piece to illustrate my points.…

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Delayed Reaction to the Trades

I was away this weekend and found out about the Lance Berkman trade via the radio Friday night while on the way to my girlfriend’s from a softball game (20-3 W, I was 0-3 with a sac fly–two balls, including the sac fly were ripped right at the right-center fielder…bad BABIP luck).

Anyway, my thoughts on...

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Tampa Bay Series Recap

Game 103:
Lance Berkman was making his first start in a non-Astros uniform and he was thrown right into an intense battle. If the rest of the season is anything like this game, we are in for a lot of fun – along with some well-bitten fingernails.  Jaso lead off the bottom of the first with a double and moved to third on Carl Crawford’s bunt single.  Longoria hit a sac fly to left, scoring Jaso and giving the Rays a 1-0 lead before Javier Vazquez got the next two hitters out.

Alex Rodriguez worked a walk in the top of the second and moved to third on Cano’s double.  Curtis Granderson hit a sac fly to left, bringing Rodriguez to the plate and tying the score.  The Rays got the run back in the bottom of the third when Jaso tripled and scored on a Crawford single, putting the Rays on top 2-1.

B.J. Upton lead off the bottom of the fifth with a ground-rule double.  …

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