What’s going on with Austin Romine?

Austin Romine, recently ranked the #2 prospect in the Yankee system by yours truly, is having a nightmarish 2nd half of the season.  After starting strong in April and May (OPS’ing .917 and .858), Romine has struggled mightily over the summer, with his August OPS a paltry .509.  Romine’s stats for the season are mediocre...

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Same old AJ, just a little worse this year

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Rob Dibble on Strasburg, Insulting Your Intelligence

“He’s an absolute animal when he’s on the field,” Dibble said. “And to take my comments from Monday, my comments were made about a healthy, 100 percent, strong, strapping kid. And it was more so directed as a pep talk, it was never directed towards Stephen in general, it was more my own opinion. So on a baseball only, year-round show, on MLB Network Radio, it was more baseball-generated jargon by myself, my partner and the listeners.

“Now, to have someone transcribe that, twist it and say Dibble’s telling Strasburg to suck it up, that wasn’t the gist of the conversation. And to have sick individuals twist it to try to make me look bad, that’s fine. You can hate on me all you want.

So let’s get this straight; after Strasburg left the game in obvious pain Saturday night, Dibble said Strasburg had to “suck it up,” couldn’t “have the cavalry come get him,” he said that because he threw the next day he “probably could have stayed in the game,” that he wanted to “see the kid pitched through it,” that Strasburg couldn’t “constantly be complaining over every little thing,” and that he thought Strasburg was going to be fine.…

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Young Pitchers Are Fragile Things

The bigger question though is, what does it mean? Some people have been asking whether the Nationals rushed him to try to cash in. Others have wondered if this is proof that pitchers are too babied today (though I fail to see the logic that says that having him pitch more makes him less likely to tear up his elbow, but whatever). I don’t really have an opinion on that, beyond thinking that his workload didn’t have much to do with anything, rather, I want to use this to talk about something I think gets far too little attention; the damage going to college can do to a pitcher.

One thing I always found weird about the praise directed at Strasburg was the claim that he had “perfect mechanics,” because it wasn’t even close to true. Strasburg, like Mark Prior, uses the “inverted W” pitching motion, a great description of which can be found here. The basic gist of it though is that the elbow gets above the shoulder and the forearm is not vertical when the shoulder begins its forward rotation.…

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Week in Review Part Three

Before we start, I’d just like to let everyone know that today is likely the last day for a while in which I’ll have two posts up. On Monday, my internship and graduate classes start back up again, so it’ll likely be one post a day from here on out. Thanks so much for reading...

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Aug 27 @CHW L 9-4 3.1 8 9 8 0 3 3 10 4 81 21 10 L(9-12) 5.17
Aug 20 SEA L 6-0 7.0 12 6 6 2 3 4 12 15 122 34 30 L(9-11) 4.80
Aug 15 @KC L 1-0 8.0 4 1 1 0 3 6 8 11 103 29 73 L(9-10) 4.66
Aug 10 @TEX L 4-3 7.0 6 3 3 1 2 4 9 14 112 29 55 4.87
Aug 2 TOR L 8-6 4.2 8 8 8 2 2 4 9 8 95 24 18 L(9-9) 4.93
Monthly Totals 30.0 38 27 26 5 13 21 48 52 513 137 0-4 0 sv 7.80