Contemplating the 2011 Rotation

There are a few ways the 2010 Yankee pitching rotation could end up. Let’s run ’em down. Disclaimer: I’m not including Javier Vazquez in any of these plans. I think there’s literally a 0.0% chance he is with the Yankees after 2010.

First, there’s this one:

CC Sabathia/Cliff Lee/A.J. Burnett/Andy Pettitte/Phil Hughes

That’d is probably...

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Chicago White Sox Preview 8/27-8/29

The White Sox pitchers have the lowest overall FIP in the AL at 3.83.  They seem to have strong numbers both in the starting rotation and in relief.  The starters combine for an ERA 4.04 and FIP of 3.86, while the relievers combine for an ERA and FIP of 3.76.  White Sox pitching’s BABIP, however, is tied for third highest in the AL at .306.

John Danks is holding opposing hitters to a .230 average, while Freddy Garcia has struggled, giving up a .290 average to opponents.  Danks and Gavin Floyd have both racked up the strikeouts this season, with 130 and 135 respectively.

The White Sox have lost some of their most dependable relievers to injury this month.  J.J. Putz and Matt Thornton have had solid seasons for Chicago, each with an ERA and FIP below 2.70 over 47 innings of work.  Bobby Jenks, Tony Pena and Scott Linebrink have been the other big arms out of the bullpen, but they have not been as successful as Putz or Thornton, with ERAs of 4.40, 5.48 and 4.36 respectively, although Jenks FIP is significantly lower (2.62).…

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Revenue Sharing Is Dead

The Pirates have been so profitable that they’ve created substantial income tax liabilities for their investors.  The Pirates’ solution to this problem has been to transfer a portion of its profits to these investors to cover their tax costs.  This is one illustration of how revenue sharing works: it serves both to create profits for teams that cannot win on the field, and to create the need for cash to be transferred outside of baseball to cover tax liabilities that exist only because of the profits created by revenue sharing.

We’ll need to parse the numbers later, but it appears that some of the teams receiving revenue sharing (in particular, the Marlins) may be more profitable than teams like the Yankees and Red Sox that fund the revenue sharing system.

Given the information disclosed in these documents, the existing system of revenue sharing will not survive next year’s expiration of baseball’s collective bargaining agreement.  This is not just my conclusion; this is the conclusion of Jayson Stark at …

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Kerry On

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It’s been a long time since Kerry Wood struck out twenty as a Chicago Cub.

A long time, filled with injuries and disappointments and ultimately relegation to bullpen duty. Many point to Wood’s struggles, and that of another one-time Chicago Cub, Mark Prior, in being the impetus towards today’s obsession...

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Why Joe Girardi Is Not Going Anywhere

In anticipation of the Yankees upcoming trip to Chicago and in conjunction with the recent retirement of Cubs skipper Lou Pinella, the media has been playing up the idea that Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi might bolt for Chicago after the season is over. While I cannot dismiss the idea as an impossibility, I do think...

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Javy the Reliever

Javier Vazquez took over for Phil Hughes last night, pitching the last 4.1 innings, giving up just one run (on a homer, of course) on two hits and one walk with two strikeouts. With Ivan Nova’s successful first Major League start the other night, it appears that we’re going to see Vazquez in the bullpen...

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