Frustrated with Phil

Hughes got to two strikes on 18 Jays. Twelve of those eventually reached base. Hughes had two strikes on the first 10 Blue Jays that reached base… Those two Tweets from Jack Curry and Ben Shpigel are just maddening. Phil Hughes’ troubles with finishing off hitters this season have been one of the (only) two frustrating things we’ve seen out of him in 2010. The other is his lack of mixing pitches, but after the frustrating first inning, he didn’t have much trouble in that department (25 curves out of 102 pitches per Brooks, but under 50% strikes). However, the Continue reading Frustrated with Phil

The ridiculously good starting pitching of the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays

As we’ve seen over 12 games thus far against the Blue Jays in which the Yankees have gone 5-7, this year’s Toronto team has some astoundingly good starting pitching. Which got me wondering, just how good has it been? As I reiterated in my game recap, it’s terrifying to think about the Jays’ rotation if they still had Roy Halladay, and I’d have to think it would be close to if not the best rotation in baseball. Check it out: Roy Halladay: 6.4 WARRicky Romero: 3.7 WARBrandon Morrow: 3.4 WARShaun Marcum: 2.6 WARBrett Cecil: 2.2 WAR I can’t imagine any Continue reading The ridiculously good starting pitching of the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays

Jays continue to out-hit and out-pitch Bombers, beat Yanks 6-3

Raise your hand if you’re getting tired of losing to Toronto. I know I am. With a 6-3 victory, the Blue Jays have now beaten the Yankees seven times this year, more than every other team in baseball. Tampa Bay is second with six wins against New York. The Jays have won three of the four series the two teams have played in 2010, and I’m getting tired of being right in predicting series’ outcomes. I suppose the one thing you might be able to take away from the Jays’ dominance of the Yanks is that they incredibly haven’t had Continue reading Jays continue to out-hit and out-pitch Bombers, beat Yanks 6-3

Game 127: Yankees 3, Blue Jays 6

The Yankees and Blue Jays faced off Wednesday night for the rubber match of the series.  Phil Hughes struggled and ended up having the shortest outing of his season, despite throwing over 100 pitches.  New York had a chance to come back in the ninth, but couldn’t sustain the rally, losing 6-3.

Hughes walked Fred Lewis to start the bottom of the first.  Lewis moved to second on Yunel Escobar’s sac bunt and with two outs Vernon Wells drove the ball into the gap in right center, for a RBI triple.  A pitch Hughes threw to Adam Lind got past Jorge Posada, allowing Wells to score from third and putting Toronto ahead 2-0.

(click “view full post” to read more) Continue reading Game 127: Yankees 3, Blue Jays 6

Quick Girardi thoughts…

With the announced retirement of Lou Pinella, some people started wondering whether Chicago native and youthful Cub fan Joe Girardi might have interest in the job next season. With Piniella’s sudden retirement last weekend, the question seems to have gotten more attention.

I don’t really have much to say about the topic, I’m really just throwing this out there for comment. Sadly, I don’t know Girardi, so I’m not in a position to read his mind. I do think that people are somewhat overstating his ties to the Cubs organization while at the same time signifcantly underestimating his ties to New York and the Yankees. I also know that Girardi has a chance to win a lot of rings over the next decade or so if he sticks with the team in the Bronx, and that’s the sort of thing that gets managers elected to the Hall of Fame. Would Girardi want to risk the quasi-stability of the Yankees for the chronic mess that is the Cubs? I have no idea, but if I had to guess, I’d say he’d be more likely to do it in a few years, perhaps after a couple of more rings and definitely when the Cubs have cleared some of their contractual liabilities, than he is to take the job next season. Continue reading Quick Girardi thoughts…

Some Yankee Goings On

There are a few things bouncing about in Yankee land, and here’s what I think of them… First off, after last night’s performance, how much longer does Chad Gaudin have in pinstripes? I feel like we’ve asked this question at least five times, yet Gaudin’s still survived. I’d have no problem with getting rid of Gaudin and recalling Jonathan Albaladejo. This could also free up a 40-man spot if the Yankees want to add anyone before September 1st. It also could clear roster space if the Yankees make a late waiver trade… …because they’re apparently interested in Hiroki Kuroda. This Continue reading Some Yankee Goings On

If the Yankees can't sign Adam Dunn this offseason, what about Paul Konerko?

In perusing the wOBA leaderboards on Fangraphs, as I am wont to do, I couldn’t help but notice that Paul Konerko has remained in the top 10 in the American League even after a torrid April (.483 wOBA) that he couldn’t possibly have maintained, sporting a mighty .411 mark. Though Konerko unsurprisingly fell back to earth and then some in May (.315), he resumed being a beast in June and has continued raking as he puts together what may end up being the finest season of his 14-year career. I’ve made no secret of my desire to see Adam Dunn Continue reading If the Yankees can't sign Adam Dunn this offseason, what about Paul Konerko?

Bring Me Kuroda!

Yesterday afternoon, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Dodgers have placed Hiroki Kuroda on waivers.  Only a few weeks removed from dealing away Blake DeWitt to acquire Ted Lilly, the Dodgers have finally smartened up and realized that their odds of making the playoffs are slim to none.  Twelve games back in the division, the Dodgers PECOTA-adjusted playoff odds are a mere 0.3%; for all intents and purposes, their season is over.  Ken Rosenthal went on to quote a rival executive (whether that’s a rival of the Yankees or a rival of the Dodgers is unclear) who said, “I guarantee the Continue reading Bring Me Kuroda!

Discussion: OF/DH Rotation for 2011

Last night, our very own Moshe Mandel dropped an intriguing tweet about the future of the Yankee outfield and DH situation. At first glance, I don’t necessarily agree with Moshe here. I like Carl Crawford, but I do have doubts about him going forward. His power has been just around average for his career (.176 this year, .145 for his career) and his carer 5.4% BB rate is uninspiring (though he has been above 7% the last two years). Still, though, he’s a good hitter and plays very good defense. With an OF of Crawford/Granderson/Gardner across, the Yankees would be Continue reading Discussion: OF/DH Rotation for 2011