Ivan’s First Start

Ivan Nova made his first Major League start last night and it went pretty well. He was pulled after 73 pitches, but allowed just two runs while walking only one and striking out three in 5.1 innings pitched. That’s more than we could ask for from Nova.

He averaged 94.37 and went as...

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“The Pirates aren’t trying to win”

Comparing the Pirates to the Yankees is just stupid. The Yankees are an attraction in their own right in the biggest media market in the world, in a city with a robust tourism industry. Thousands of people from all over the country vacation in New York during the baseball season and decide to take in a game at Yankee Stadium as part if the experience. As beautiful as PNC Park is, I don’t think nearly as many people would do the same in Pittsburgh, even if the Pirates became a perennial playoff team. The Yankees also have their own television network, and face a much more competitive environment for attracting consumer entertainment spending. It’s just apples and oranges, and faulting the Pirates for not operating like the Yankees is like saying I don’t have more net worth because I don’t manage my finances like Warren Buffett.

Club executives vehemently disagreed with that assessment. Yet the numbers show Pittsburgh hasn’t spent as much as its opponents — and hasn’t won.

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.266/.328/.358 (.686 OPS)

That’s Derek Jeter’s line since May 1st. You many recall his April was much better, where he posted a much more Jeterian .330/.354/.521 (.875 OPS) for the month. But there’s an old axiom in Baseball about how you should never believe anything that happens in April or September. The reason is that in April, pitchers...

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Jose Bautista hits two more Jose Bautistas, spoils Nova's debut start as Blue Jays beat Yanks 3-2

Do we really have to play this team eight more times?

Jose Bautista hit two more home runs — or Jose Bautistas, as they have now been rechristened by...

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Game 125: Yankees 2, Blue Jays 3

Toronto got on the board in the bottom of the third, with some help from the guys in blue.  Yunel Escobar hit a grounder to short, with Eduardo Nunez trying to get him at first.  Mark Teixeira stretched to make the catch, but Escobar was credited with a single when the umpire said Teixeira pulled his foot off the bag.  Replays showed Teixeira didn’t, and unfortunately it played a big role in the game, as Bautista drove a fly ball over the wall in left center, giving the Blue Jays a 2-1 lead.

Cano worked a walk with two outs in the top of the sixth and scored on a double by Jorge Posada, tying the game up at 2-2.  Ivan Nova went out for the bottom of the sixth and threw a pitch that went high and back to the screen.  It was nowhere near Bautista, but the veteran appeared to decide it was time to intimidate the kid making his first major league start and began to walk out to the mound. …

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CC may be staying put

Mark Hale of the New York Post interviewed CC Sabathia after his win against the Mariners on Sunday, and the big man discussed his future.  Interestingly, CC said that he would not even consider exercising the opt-out clause in his contract that permits him to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2011 season:

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The Process of Letting Go

You: Don’t tell me this is another post about Derek Jeter.
Me: It’s not another post about Derek Jeter.
You: Really?
Me: Nah, it’s another post about Derek Jeter.
You: Sonofa…

Steve’s post yesterday delved into the numbers, so I won’t re-hash them. However, it’s very likely that we’re finally seeing the beginning of the end...

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Elias and the Yankees

MLBTR came out with some updated Elias Free Agent Rankings yesterday, so I thought I’d scan the list for Yankee free agents and see whether or not I’d offer that guy arbitration.

The first to come up is under the 1B/DH/OF category: Lance Berkman. Right now, he profiles as a Type B...

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Jeter’s Contract … Again … But This One’s “Fair”

Offensively, Jeter’s been basically league-average this season. His .276/.339/.387 line is good for a 99 OPS+, but league-average is pretty good for a shortstop. But that’s still a far cry from his .334/.406/.465 2009 season. What happened? The easiest thing to do is point toward his BABiP, but that’s a bit simplistic. For his career, Jeter’s BABiP is .357, but it’s only .311 this season, meaning his slash line is lower than it should be. But is there an underlying problem? Maybe. His O-Swing% is 28.9%, which is 6% above last season and 8.6% above normal, and that means that his plate discipline has regressed for some reason. He’s also making contact with those pitches more than usual, which may account for his ridiculously high GB/FB rate of 4.21 (for reference, that leads all of baseball by over 1 to second place Elvis Andrus, who has one of 2.92). Therefore, Jeter is swinging at more pitches out of the zone (losing valuable walks) and hitting more balls on the ground than normal, and to top it all off, he’s hitting fewer line drives.…

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