Home Run Javy does his thing, but Marcus Thames and the bullpen beat the Toronto Extra Base Hits 7-5

The Yankees extended their win streak to an impressive eight games. Despite injuries to Nick Swisher, Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees are the hottest team in baseball at just the right time. The best action happened in the 7th inning. Jose Bautista proved my long-held suspicion that he’s a jerk. He suffered a ‘roid rage break down and argued a called third strike vehemently in the top of the inning, and was deservedly ejected. The pitch was a ball, but Bautista responded to the call the way Jorge Posada did on Wednesday and was given the hook. In the bottom of the inning Marcus Thames hit a no-doubter off the Zales Diamond sign in the Yankee bullpen to break a 5-5 tie and give the good guys the lead. Mariano Rivera was Mariano Rivera in the 9th.

Javier Vazquez deserves to lose his rotation spot after today. He labored to get through 4.2 innings, ultimately allowing five runs to score. Reminiscent of his atrocious starts earlier in the season, Javy clearly didn’t want to throw his fastball. He allowed two Jose Bautista‘s, none actually to Jose Bautista.

Mark Rzepczynski wasn’t any better for the Blue Jays. He lasted only four innings, giving up five. From the 5th inning onwards it was a battle of the bullpens. Those have gone well for the Yankees of late. The Bomber bullpen allowed only three hits and no runs over 4.1 innings of work. Kerry Wood looked particularly dominating.

The win brings the Yankees’ season record to 86-50, and extends their win streak to a season high eight games. The division lead over Tampa is now a full two games, at least until the Rays pound the Baltimore Buck Showalters later tonight.

5 thoughts on “Home Run Javy does his thing, but Marcus Thames and the bullpen beat the Toronto Extra Base Hits 7-5

  1. You and me both, Paul. More than happy to be wrong on that prediction. Would love to see the Yanks figure Cecil out and secure the sweep!

  2. Hey, thanks for agreeing with me about the Jose Bautisa being a jerk thing. I've been saying it all year…that and the fact that he's about the most overrated guy to have one anomaly season. Aside from the HRs, he hasn't done much else and he's a joke in the field.The most annoying thing about him…the fact that he's a scrub having probably his one and only good year in his career and he argues EVERY called strike. He's worse than Youkilis and Pedroia combined. I can't wait until next year when he's putting up .230/16/75 type numbers again and everyone forgets him.

  3. It's a good Sunday to be wrong at Yankeeist. Larry calls for the Bombers to lose 2/3 – Wrong! I call for the Rays and Big Game James Shields to pound the Baltimore Buck Showalters – Wrong! The Yankees have a little breathing room now. Bautista always seemed like a punk to me. But the way he argued those balls and strikes yesterday made him look to big for his britches. He's not a Hall of Famer. He's barely an All-Star. Act like you've been there before.

  4. Don't throw your ams up Vasquez when Joe pulls you.PITCH better and you will be the innings eater you are supposed to be…