Game 138: Orioles 4, Yankees 3

In the bottom of the fourth, Alex Rodriguez tied things up with his 22nd homer of the season; however, the 1-1 tie did not last long.  Cesar Izturis doubled to right in the top of the fifth.  A Roberts single to left allowed Izturis to score and the Orioles lead once again.

Pie singled to start the sixth and Markakis worked a walk.  A wild pitch by Burnett moved both runners over before he struck out Luke Scott.  Matt Wieters connected with a sac fly to left, scoring Pie and putting the Orioles up 3-1.

The Yankees put together a bit of a rally in the bottom of the sixth.  Nick Swisher worked a lead off walk and Mark Teixeira singled to left.  A wild pictch by Brian Matusz allowed Swisher and Teixeira to move over.  Rodriguez hit a sac fly to right, scoring Swisher.  Robinson Cano followed with a single and Teixeira scored and the game was tied again, 3-3.

The Orioles struck back in the top of the seventh.  Corey Patterson singled to left and moved to second on Izturis’ sac bunt.  Bell flew out to left, but Roberts singled with two outs, scoring Patterson and giving the Orioles a 4-3 victory, as they took the first game of the three game series.

Bronx Cheers:
Jorge Posada: Jorgie went 0-4 with three strikeouts, leaving two on base.

Brett Gardner: Gardy went 0-3, striking out twice and leaving three men on base.

Curtain Calls:
Alex Rodriguez: A-Rod went 1-2 with a homer and two RBIs.  His second RBI gave him 100 for the season, the fourteenth straight season the Yankee infielder has collected at least 100 RBIs, breaking Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx’s record of thirteen seasons of 100 RBIs.

Bullpen: A.J. wasn’t terrible and kept the Yankees in it, but personally I wondered if once again Girardi wasn’t testing fate by leaving Burnett in there longer than he should have.  Boone Logan and David Robertson came in after Burnett finished, pitching two innings of scoreless relief.  They each gave up one hit, while Logan gave up a walk as well.

Milestones and other Notes

  • Alex Rodriguez’s new MLB record of 14 consecutive seasons of 100 RBIs is pretty impressive.
  • Derek Jeter picked up his 150th hit of the season in the first inning.  He’s hit 150 hits in 15 straight seasons, which is not only the longest streak for ative players, but the longest in Yankee history.
  • This is the first time Burnett has had 13 losses in his career.  He seemed to have his curveball working and lasted seven innings, but wasn’t able to shut the Orioles down.
  • Boone Logan’s ERA is down to 2.38 and he has only allowed 3 of 22 inherited runners to score. Not bad for a guy most of us were ready to watch rot in the Minors earlier this season.
  • The Yankees have Swisher back from his knee injury, but Austin Kearns will probably need a couple days before he returns to the lineup.

In The On Deck Circle:
The Yankees will try to halt their losing streak at two, as they send CC Sabathia to the mound Tuesday night.  After five straight day games, the Bombers will finally take the field for a night game behind their ace, who is coming off a dominant game against Oakland, where Sabathia gave up just one hit over eight innings.  The Orioles will send Jake Arrieta to the mound.  Arrieta made his Major League debut against the Yankees on June 10th, going six innings and giving up just four hits and three runs for the Orioles’ victory.  Arrieta walked four hitters but struck out six.  Since then the young righty has gone 3-6 and has an ERA of 5.11.  He has walked 46 hitters this season, while striking out just 44.  Lefties are hitting the hurler particularly hard, going .318 against him, while he holds righties to .216.  First pitch is at 7:05pm in the Bronx.

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3 thoughts on “Game 138: Orioles 4, Yankees 3

  1. No, you are completely right, i had a lot of family and other stuff going on over the holiday weekend and somehow added an extra game in my mind.   i thought i checked that….sorry and thanks for catching that for me!

  2. I am sorry to be critical, but did I miss a game?
    I believe they have only lost their last two games.
    Maybe Andy lost his simulated game! :)

  3. I agree – I think Joe left AJ in one inning too many; hindsight, I know, but he looked far from dominant the previous inning – in fact, he looked rough enough that DR was up and warming in the 6th.
    No Bronx for Thames?  Why, on why, was he out in the field, where he could undo all the good he does at the plate? (Not that he did much at the plate yesterday.)  Twice he threw to the plate; both times he missed by yards.  You have to figure if Gardy was out there, he either would have caught one (if not both,) – or – they wouldn’t have even tried.  Of course, if they had just held at 3rd, good chance AJ would have let them in anyway.  Gardy also would have made that catch early, before the bleeding started, had he been playing left instead of center. (Did you notice – Thames didn’t even bother going to the ball?)
    This loss goes on Joe – way too many bad choices, bad calls – someone needs to tatoo on his shades the mantra – Thames in outfield => Loss for Yankees.  DHing Jorge – just so he can strike out looking.  Its like the Core Two are trying to see which one can kill more rallys.