But can they hit in October?

Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira have been the Yankees’ primary offensive weapons this season. Their respective OPS+’s were 139, 151 and 140 entering Wednesday’s game, the highest marks on the team. When October comes around, could this be a problem?

Here’s how these three fared last October:

Robinson Cano had a decent ALCS. That is all.

Alex Rodriguez‘s 2009 October is now the stuff of Yankee legend. Lost amid the flurry of late inning, high-pressure home runs A-Rod hit into the stands were the excellent Octobers that Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada had. Jorge had an OPS of 1.000 in the ALDS. He went downhill from there, but still never had an OBP less than .316. Derek, meanwhile, was phenomenal. His worst series was against the Angels, when his OPS was .875. It was .947 in the World Series and a ridiculous 1.438 in the ALDS.

Of all three of those guys, A-Rod is the only one likely to give us a repeat performance. Derek couldn’t hit the ball with a paddle right now and Jorge is almost on the DL. That brings the focus onto the young guns. The Yankees may or may not have the pitching this October, depending on what Andy Pettitte can give once he’s back. No one has asked about the offense, but at least two of this season’s main catalysts will need to turn the page on last season’s playoff performance if the Yankees are going to advance deep into October.

One thought on “But can they hit in October?

  1. derek has always thrived in the division series, with a .356/.417/.563 and an ops of .980, he has had some classic moments in the first round and in the 13(!) ALDS he has been in. he has had 10 LDS of .300 or better, 7 of .400 or better and 2 of .500 or better. his alcs line is not as glitzy but still a solid .262/.347/.415 with an ops of .762 his world series numbers are somewhere in the middle.