Another Look at the Playoff Rotation

The other issue, amazingly enough, pertains to Sabathia. Don’t get me wrong, the big guy is going to start game 1 of the ALDS no matter what. But that means Sabathia will make just one more start in the regular season, and as of the publishing of this post, he’s scheduled to make that start tonight in Toronto. That means he’ll have 7 days off before he makes his playoff start, whereas pushing his last start back to Friday in Boston would have him opening the playoffs on normal rest. I am in no way a fan of this, and don’t understand at all what the organization is thinking having Sabathia make this start and then be off of his routine going in to a crucial playoff start that most likely will be on the road against the Twins.

Which isn’t to say there’s no logic to it at all. Had the Yankees lost Sunday night’s game, the magic number would still be 3, and having Sabathia pitch tonight would give you the option of having him start the final game of the season if it came to the point that the Yankees had to win that game to make the playoffs. But with the magic number being just 1, I don’t understand at all why Sabathia wouldn’t be used just once more, with an eye on the playoffs. If the Bombers lose their next 6 games and Boston wins their next 7 (counting the one-game playoff) it’s really not going to matter what CC does. If Girardi is planning for that doomsday scenario instead of assuming the team can somehow shave at least one game off the magic number this week, he’s doing the team a major disservice, in my opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Another Look at the Playoff Rotation

  1. Brien, completely agreed on all points, especially Sabathia starting tonight. In my opinion you don't plan for the doomsday scenario; you play the %s and what's more likely to happen. Magic # is 1. CC only has 1 start left. Everyone knows he hates long rest and prefers pitching every 5th day. To me, it's the easiest call in the world to pitch CC Friday instead of today. How many times have you heard Kenny Singleton go on about pitchers and their routines and how they value having a consistent routine? And having CC work out of the pen this weekend if he pitches tonight does not make up for it, that's not his normal routine.

  2. I think the best option is the leave AJ off the postseason roster. He inspires no confidence at all and isn't even a good option out of the bullpen. Guys like Moseley, Nova, Gaudin, or Mitre would be better suited to start in a pinch or pitch long relief. I don't even know if Vazquez should make the postseason roster. Who should? CC, Andy, Phil, Mo, Joba, Robertson, Logan, Wood, Nova, Gaudin, and Mitre. If they want 12 pitchers on the roster, who should get the final spot out of Vazquez, AJ, and Moseley?

  3. Dustin, why would the Yankees include Gaudin on the playoff roster. He has been terrible all year. I would think you have a better chance of seeing CC, Andy, Hughes, Rivera, AJ, Vazquez, Robertson, Joba, Wood, Logan…then maybe 1 out of Mitre, Nova, & Moseley. I just don't think Gaudin adds any value to the Yankees in a short series. They are better off adding someone like Golson who can run and play defense, similar to what they did last year.

  4. Hmm. Yeah, I just noticed the numbers I saw for Gaudin didn't include his time with the A's, which makes them much worse. He was adequate with the Yankees, and terrible with the A's.