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15 thoughts on “RIP: Javy Vazquez’s Yankees career

  1. Since Javy was all pissy about being pulled earlier in the season when he had a "chance" to win a game for a change, they should have left him in tonight.  Maybe he could have gotten to his 200 innings TONIGHT!  Granted he would have given up 30000000 runs.  Trade him to an NL Central team and he will win 18 games!

  2. The easiest thing in the world to do is second guess a manager or coach and the next easiest is to criticize someone who does what most of us could only imagine doing in our wildest dreams.

    The ability to pitch and hit at the major league level are a gift that only a few people will ever possess and of those, even fewer will succeed at.

    We all know the guy has been getting beaten up more than an aging fighter. Why gloat over the failure? Why say he sucks? Why do you take delight in it? Describe the effort and the result. Comment on the performance but stop running down someone giving it his best, and doing it far better than any of us could ever do. 

    If you can do better, step up to the plate, or toe the mound. I'd love to see all the loud mouthed critics step out on a field and embarrass themselves in front of 40,000 booing spectators instead of embarrassing themselves on a seldom visited blog.

  3. You are right Vinnie.  I am sure he did try his best.  I hope you are able to rub his back after he gets out of the shower tonight.  Because he will not have to worry about doing his best for the rest of the year.  I'd like the chance to challenge Javy to pitching performance.  I am sure my arm has about 30 pitches left in it.  I still hit upper 70's at the theme parks and win a helmet for the kids!  Can Javey?

  4. Hey Vinny, the only flaw in your argument is that seldom visited blogers are not paid MILLIONS of dollars to pitch. Just throwing that out there.

  5. You can picture this like an old WWII movie, with the officer (played by Joe Girardi) standing in front of his men, probably talking with a slight British accent like Peter Lawford.  "Men, I need a volunteer to be the fourth starter for the Yankees in the 2010 post-season.  I won't lie to you, men.  It's a dangerous mission.  You could be shelled.  But our playoff hopes depend on your bravery. So who will step forward? You, A.J.?  How 'bout you, Javy?  Ivan?  Moseley?"


    I think they'd end up drawing straws.  I doubt it would matter much to the war effort which guy ended up with the short straw.

  6. I was in attendance tonight at roger's centre and really hoped that javy could pull it together, but from the hr given up to the first batter, snider, I knew it wasn't gonna happen…

    He looked horrible tonight, and basically sulked everytime he walked off the field, he needs to get his confidence back..

  7. I am really convinced that the best game 4 starter is Nova for 4-5 innings until he loses it (usually 3rd time through the lineup) and then patching up with Mitre and the rest of the pen. Though I just checked and Mitre's xFIP (4.55) is a full run higher than his ERA (3.51) with -0.1 WAR (according to Fangraphs). But Baseball Reference has him at above average (over 100) ERA+ of 124 and 0.5 WAR. That still looks better (at least in terms of xFIP/ERA+) than the other options: Burnett 4.65/81; Vazquez 4.86/85; Moseley 4.98/91. P.S. Ivan Nova xFIP 4.27. Give me Super Nova as the game 4 starter, please.

  8. Up until last night, I was still thinking Javy was our best option to do the second half of a Nova game.  And last night, for some reason, Joe left him in, even after Eiland went to the mound, and everyone in the stadium knew he was about to implode.


    Ya know, if he had been pulled at 4-0 (and I know, that would have injured his fragile psyche) the guys would have maybe tried a bit harder, and maybe scored with the bases loaded.  But 7-0?  I hope Javy is killing on Javy's (I mean, Vinnie's) fantasy team – since is really isn't doing the job in real life.


    But hey Javy/Vinnie – agreed – suck might not be the correct term.  But all of the adjectives I would have to add to suck to describe his performance would be inappropriate here.


    Jason – I sure hope you're correct, and he's gone.  Tho we may see him again this weekend stumbling thru a few garbage innings.

  9. @ Vinnie: Thanks for visiting this "seldom visited blog". I truly appreciate it.  And just because I can't pitch doesn't mean I, and others, can't offer our opinions. I'm not the POTUS yet I can criticize his work if I feel so motivated to do so. This country was founded on the grounds that I can freely speak my mind.

    ALL: No one wanted Javy to succeed more than I, with the exception of Will here who built a case around his likely 2010 success. Believe me, I don't find joy in bashing him, but he's earned it. All of it.

  10. The forgotten sad part is that for a few weeks, he was our best starter.  Will and a few others had a great time clubbing me over the head for my early pessimism – telling everyone that his early failures were just a case of Javy getting used to the Bronx, learning to pitch in the new park, getting used to AL hitters; and then assuring us that those 3-4 good games were a better example of the real Javy.


    Right about now, I wish they'd been right – we could sure use the guy who was on the mound in June.

  11. 1 down

    Aj to go


    both of them disgust me, everyone in ny knew this was a bad idea to sign javy, everyone was upset, no1 had faith….cept the yankees

  12. Hi Jason,

        The thing that struck me was the almost gleeful tone of "I told you so" that you struck, and whenever I hear the term "suck", I think back to the original meaning, "cocksucker" and that puts me off every time. It had nothing to do with your facts, which were beautifully presented, your writing, which is excellent, or your conclusions, which are absolutely true. It's that lack of respect for Javey that I find disturbing and not your opinion or your right to it.

         Baseball is after all just a game, and the men who have the skill and talent to play it just entertainers. By all means criticize them or cheer them for what they do on the field, but be respectful that they're still men, like you and I. Each of us faces failure in our daily lives but not in front of tens of thousands who call for us to be fired or demoted.

         It is a hard game and those who play it, no matter how poorly in our eyes are still far, far better than we as critics, or as players ourselves ever were or will be. They at least live the dream that for us will on only be one.

         As an example, in high school, I played with a fellow who eventually went on to pitch in the big leagues. His career was by any standard a short one and his accomplishments less than adequate. In our inter team games, I couldn't touch him. That probably says more about me than him, but it made me recognize not only my own inadequacies, but what kind of talent these guys have to play at that level.

         Being a Yankee fan all my life, I've experienced all the success and failure they've had over the years and it's taught me not to take a game too seriously. There's nothing I've ever done or will do to win or lose a game for them and I know that the opposition is trying just as hard to win as they are. Even if as some complain that they make so much money, that still doesn't give us the right to tear them down in a disrespectful manner.

         You write exceptionally well and whatever future you wish to have as a writer is clearly open to you. I loved the way you presented your case factually. Absolutely nothing there to disagree with. That's the kind of reporting I wish we had more of but don't make it personal or mean spirited. In all truth, if you knew Javey, A J or any of the guys who've let the team down this year, you'd probably find them to be very kind and decent men who do good and charitable things to help others in their private lives. They're probably all pretty decent and nice guys. Write the facts. Tell the truth and respect the players in the same way you'd like your readers to respect you personally. That was the point I tried to make and hope I've been able to make it now.

         Take this in the spirit it's offered as one to help your writing get even better, and perhaps to help you look at the game more objectively without tampering down your passion as a fan. The talent is there for you to make a mark and I wish you only the very best. If this criticism helps in some small way, I'm honored.

    All good things and every success to you.

  13. Vinnie:

    Thanks for the well thought out response. I appreciate you taking the time.

    Now, let's clarify a few things:

    1) I never said "Javy sucks". I did jokingly say that he's "has been drinking copiously from the Fountain of Suck."  Semantics, I know.

    2) I am not criticizing Javy, the person. It's Javy, the pitcher, who I am critical of.

    3) You are also correct that most of these guys are probably good guys, charitable and considerate.  For sake of this discussion, I will consider Javy amongst this group.

    4) I, too, played HS ball against a guy who made it to the minors. Couldn't hit his curve if he told me it was coming. I have nothing but the utmost respect for these guys, and those who are only making it as high as the minors.  I would have killed to get drafted and wear a pro uni, even if it was a minor league one.

    5) I found your advice/criticism a nice change from the guy who earlier wrote: "If you can do better, step up to the plate, or toe the mound. I’d love to see all the loud mouthed critics step out on a field and embarrass themselves in front of 40,000 booing spectators instead of embarrassing themselves on a seldom visited blog." Pretty hypocritical for someone to call me out for being mean to a ball player, no? I'm a "pretty decent and nice guy", just like you claim the pros are, yet you had no problem slamming me. You chastized me for being mean and dispirited.

    Pot, the kettle is calling.

  14. Thank you for taking your time to answer as well.

    If I misunderstood the language you were using, then it's on me and I shouldn't have over reacted. Still, words do have meaning…

    I'm glad to hear you intended to criticize the perfomance. A good reporter tells the whole story without allowing his personal feelings to enter in. I saw for the most part that's what you did and I did compliment and credit you for doing it.

    You write with the passion of someone who would have given anything, as I would have and probably most of the guys who take the time to write would to have played pro ball. That's why I find it so difficult, to dump on a guy even though as a fan I might want to see him traded to Kansas City.

    You'll have to forgive me if I sometimes get carried away myself. I've noticed that many of the bloggers seem to delight in ripping rather than in informing. It's a shame because they love the game, have so much knowledge and are great communicators, yet get into insulting one another over small details.

    The fact you've been up front and honest enough to lay your thoughts on the table tells me that you are an decent and honorable man who does try at all times to do the right thing and be right in his reporting. I respect that and you and am looking forward to your insightful(yes) pieces in the future.

    Gotta go and answer the call from that kettle.

    Be well.