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5 thoughts on “An epic Rosenthal rant on replay

  1. You're reading my mind, sir.


    "Not balls and strikes."   Why not?  What call is more consistently wrong, a greater percentage of the time?  I can see older players and pitchers with a "rep" not liking it – no more courtesy calls.  But who knows – maybe with a real strike zone we could hire Javy back in a few years.

  2. Why not just pull the umps off of the field entirely, and let the game be called from a television both. 

    The guy with the TV can signal Green or Red depending on the call, and if he's not sure, he signals that he's revieiwing it.

    Why wast time, effort and money on 4 umpires when one televiison can do the same thing.

  3. Jon, I think the logistics of reviewing or automating balls and strikes would be pretty difficult to work out. Better, in my opinion, to come up with a way to make it easier to fire an umpire who is egregiously bad at calling them.

  4. When there was all the hoopla about replay following botched calls in last years playoffs, almost nobody discussed the issue of runner positioning. This remains my biggest opposition to replay.  The positioning of runners could cause as many problems as it solves.  Fans and managers may have very different opinions about where their team's players "might have" arrived on a play that gets reviewed.  "Getting it right" is very fishy business in a sport with many moving parts.  I especially don't like the idea of runs being scored (in our relatively low-scoring sport) on assumptions.  Replay threatens to rob us of some of the drama of the game, without actually allaying controversy.

  5. There is also the problem of what if an ump rules a player trapped a long fly ball, but review determines he actually caught it? Replay prevents any chance of runners trying to tag up which could seriously affect a game. Also how do you determine how far a runner would have gotten on a hit that is first ruled as foul but is reversed to be a hit, not all doubles or singles are created equal with runners on base. I have no problem with homeruns, or any instance of replay with a force out at a base, but dealing with fair and foul balls and catches in the outfield makes things a little to sticky.