Cured: The Curtis Granderson Story


And if you don’t know, now you know! Photo courtesy of AP and

As the buzz from the 2009 World Series wore off and Yankee fans began to look to the next season of baseball, Ninja-in-Chief and General Manager Brian Cashman struck with precision and speed...

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The shrinking offensive contributions of Brett Gardner

After another A.J. Burnett implosion on Monday, I couldn’t help but notice something awry in the outfield. Specifically, why was Austin Kearns manning left field? I wondered if perhaps Gardner...

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Reviewing The Top of the 10th

Substantively, the documentary was interesting, irritating, and comical, all at the same time. The brief mention of steroids in the first half was surprisingly sober and even-handed. The decision to book-end the show with the Odyssey of Barry Bonds was intriguing and, in some ways, poignant, the segment on the Braves was unintentionally hilarious for its lack of sophistication (did you know Greg Maddux was a nerdy looking guy who was great because he threw the ball where the batter couldn’t hit it?). Burns probably devoted too much time to Joe Torre and the 1996 Yankees team, and certainly spent too much time dwelling on the 1996 World Series, but I found it enjoyable enough, though I’m sure fans of other teams probably wouldn’t share that sentiment. But the two things that without question dominated the program were the strike and the 1998 home run race.

Concerning the strike, I really didn’t think Burns did a very good job of presenting it.…

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Upon Making the Playoffs


At the end of what has seemed like the longest September in Yankee history, the Bombers finally clinched the playoffs last night when they defeated the Toronto Blue Jays. A few things strolled across my mind as the final out was recorded:

1. Congratulations to the Yankees. They’ve worked hard to get to where they are...

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