The Human Element

But aren’t these statistics supposed to predict the future? They didn’t see the Padres coming! Not exactly. The idea is that, after identifying the problems above and answering them to a degree, the new statistics can better predict what’s going to happen. They never said they can predict with absolute certainty what will happen. Injuries, performance, randomness, etc. fluctuate due to all sorts of factors, and there is no way to definitively state what will happen. However, sabermetrics can say with a greater degree of accuracy what will happen. This is important when fans evaluate GMs … and even when GMs evaluate themselves. If you have to make a decision and we’ve agreed that nothing on earth can definitively state what will happen, you essentially have to take the option that has the greatest chance of occurring. It’s playing the odds like you would anywhere else. And yes, something else might happen, which is why we say ODDS, but that does not mean that the idea/theory is wrong.…

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Hughes starts tonight as rotation stays on schedule

For quite some time the Yankees have planned to start Dustin Moseley in tonight’s home finale against Boston, despite the fact that it was Phil Hughes’ turn in the rotation.  Change of plans.  Per every Yankee reporter out there, Phil Hughes will start tonight against Boston.  Despite the fact that he is almost certainly bumping...

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Yanks fall to Sox 7-3, lose four straight at home for first time all season

I’ve been trying my best to paint a rosy picture around the Yankees’ recent struggles, but even I’m finding my patience getting a bit tested, following the Yankees’ 7-3 loss to...

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Quicks splits heading into the playoffs

Managerial decisions heading into October are often predicated on a player’s splits from that year, so I wanted to do a post on some of the more notable splits of prominent Yankees.  Should help shed some light on why Girardi will go in one direction or another, and recap how players have performed in situational...

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Despite season-high six home runs, late Yankee rally falls short in 10-8 loss to Boston

It only took until the 154th game of the season for Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira to finally go deep in the same game for the first time...

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What's the better natural advantage?

The response to my Cito Culver post earlier this week put an interesting question in my head. Here are the comments:

Richard Deegan: It’s about having people on the ground and getting into all corners, especially “home” (well, at least NY) turf. That’s how the Cards got The Man, while the Pirates dozed.

Tripp: I think...

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