Looking at Cito Culver

Cito Culver, Shortstop

Ranked 14th best Yankee prospect

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Has Phil Hughes’ 2010 been significantly better than Joba Chamberlain’s 2009?

When Joba Chamberlain came out of the bullpen on Tuesday night Larry asked me if I thought we’d ever see Joba in the rotation again. We both felt that the answer was probably not, regardless of the fact...

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Making the Case

Right after the rain delay ended last night, Jack Curry tweeted the following:

Yanks expect 11 pitchers for DS. CC, AJ, Andy, Phil, Mo, Wood, Joba, Logan, Rbrtsn r locks. Nova, Vazquez, Gaudin, Mitre fight 4 2 spots

Let’s lay out the case for each guy, then, and we’ll see what you readers think.

Javier Vazquez has...

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Deep diving on AJ Burnett

AJ’s ineffectiveness really manifests itself with 2-strike counts. With the charts below, you can see that Burnett is less in-the-zone this year versus last year. Could that be because of his decreased FB? No matter the reason, AJ’s staying away from the zone with two strikes, allowing batters to wait for something more to their liking.

Up, up and away! The heat charts below shows the swinging strike locations for AJ.  This year, more strikes up in the zone. Up in the zone is bad news.  Hits/9 are up this year (9.6 vs 8.4 last year), HR/9 remain flat at 1.1, while K/9 are down (as mentioned earlier) at 7.0 vs 8.5 last year. Is this his ineffective curveball manifesting itself?  If it’s not diving down, it’s getting hit.

Location, location, location. I’ll let Brian explain this one: “The chart below seems to show Burnett getting less called strikes up in the zone (more blue up top in the 2010 plot).

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Game 152: Rays 7, Yankees 2

Ring got the first two hitters out in the fifth and walked Jaso before Girardi brought in Dustin Moseley, who had not been in a game since he took a loss to the Rangers on September 12th, giving up four runs on five hits over 6.2 innings.  Ben Zobrist drove the ball to right for a single and Crawford followed with a RBI single to center to give the Rays a 2-0 lead.

In the bottom of the fifth the Yankees were still looking for their first hit of the game, and they got a big one from Lance Berkman, who drove one deep and over the wall in right for his first homerun as a Yankee, making the score 2-1.  Unfortunately, Moseley gave the run right back, as Dan Johnson started the sixth with a solo homer of his own, giving the Rays a 3-1 lead.

Derek Jeter singled to left in the bottom of the sixth and moved to second on a wild pitch. …

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Rain, solo home runs and relievers who probably won't even be on playoff roster undo Yanks in 7-2 loss to Rays

Once the skies came crashing open last night in the bottom of the third inning the Yankees’ fate was pretty much sealed. Down 1-0 to the Rays, barring an unexpected 15- to...

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Debate Over: Bring on Texas!

Both Minnesota and Texas have good rotations. Lee and Liriano match up closely at the top (though I’d rather face Lee, as Liriano’s xFIP tops the American League at 3.08). It looks like Lee will be followed by C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis, and Liriano will be followed by Scott Baker and Carl Pavano. All four have xFIPs between 3.95 and 4.24 and given the scheduling, a fourth starter will not be necessary in the ALDS. Both teams have good relief pitching: the Rangers ‘pen has a 4.28 xFIP, and the Twins’ is 4.35, and the Twins’ addition of Matt Capps (3.55) probably bridges the gap (assuming he gets the innings instead of Brian Fuentes (4.55)).

When you start looking at position players, though, the Rangers get into trouble. The Twins’ position players have been worth 30.4 WAR over the course of the season (second only to the Yankees with 32.5). The Rangers aren’t even close: 22.9!…

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Looking at Hector Noesi

Hector Noesi, Right-handed Starting Pitcher

Ranked 4th best Yankee Prospect

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Next stop on the “WAR Tour:” Cano

The next stop on the “WAR Tour” involves second basemen, specifically Robinson Cano. If you hadn’t had an opportunity to read our Mark Teixeira WAR analysis, click here. Similar...

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