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5 thoughts on “ALDS rotation set

  1. I do think starting Hughes on the road would have made sense, especially at Target Field, but you've also got to consider who you want pitching two games, and it's hard to blame them for going with Andy on that front.

  2. Hughes' FIP in those home games is approximately 4.64…though it's about 6.14 in those three road games, for whatever that might mean.

  3. Yeh, can't complain here, this was the right move.


    However, the more I think about this I mean, the Yankees are putting an awful lot of faith in Pettite's moxy and track record in the postseason.  Because he hasn't really dont anything in months

  4. I don’t miss Burnett, but I’d feel better with Hughes twice than Andy.  I love Petite – don’t get me wrong – but he’s only had one half decent outing since coming back – with him pitching twice, I think we’ll be seeing bullpen shuffling from the 4th or 5th inning on.