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11 thoughts on “Bring on the Rangers! See ya Friday!

  1. I would much rather see the Yanks take on the Rangers. The Rangers are a fast team but I don't think they're capable of running circles around Posada like the Rays.

  2. I realize the Rays are better along a host of metrics, but I think the playoffs are a bit different. Primarily, depth isn't much of a factor, and your top starting pitchers can go 2 out of 5, or 2 out of 7 games, as opposed to 1 in 5 as in the regular season.

    Plus, the Rangers starters look better right now. Lee looks completely unhittable, and Wilson and Lewis are very good too.

    However, it is nice to know that Lee will probably be slated for games 3 and 6 (on short rest) or 7.

  3. The Rangers pitching staff scares me (mostly because of the thought of potentially facing Lee twice in a series) more than the Rays, but the Rays speed scared me way more. I didn't want to see Crawford/Upton/whoever else get a single/walk and steal second and third all day on Posada.
    I'm assuming Andrus will run on us too, but the rest of the team won't.

    I feel our pitchinf staff can take on the Texas offense, we should win in 6. If it goes to 7, we aren't winning.

  4. I felt the Rays really lifted against us during the regular season so I was really worried about getting them.

    That said, Rangers really lifted against the Rays.

    What makes me optomistic is that the Rangers really struggled to finish off the Rays, going from 5 outs away from a sweep to a game 5 decider.

    I think if we can win one of the first two games @Texas we will def win the ALCS at Yankee Stadium

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  6. Lee was hittable for a stretch when he came over to the Rangers. All we need is one (or maybe two) sub-par games from him and its over. Why not? Burnett was a total stud, not that long ago – there's nothing to say he couldn't actually pitch well for a game. Even tho they swept us, I'll take them over the Rays. Beyond Lee, they don't scare me; and there are rumors to the effect that even Lee is human.

  7. I got Yankees in 6. I don't see Wilson or Lewis being handle to handle such a strong lineup. Rays had NO power during the playoffs or regular season. We have 5 guys with 24HRs or more in our lineup. Rays? Just 1.

  8. Pedro:

    I'm with you. Except for the HRs part. Vlad and Hamilton each have more than 24, and Kinsler and Cruz have both shown significant power this postseason.

    • I had Yanks in six no matter who we faced. I'll stick with that. Hopefully the first time we face Lee, we beat him. That is very possible. He is scary but can be beaten if we find our offensive groove.

    • The point I was trying to make was that the Rays struggled a lot with power this season and made it all the way to game 5. Yanks will overpower the Rangers rotation, Lee being the only exception.