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11 thoughts on “Cashman’s curious comments

  1. Jason, if you want to understand Cashman's comments here, you have to read them together with his September comments that "the guys who we think give us the best chance to win are the guys who are going to pitch” and “aside from CC, nothing is guaranteed for anyone”, and “some guys who are starters now may wind up pitching out of the bullpen." You have to read all these comments together.
    Then it's possible to understand what he meant by his recent "get ready for it" comment.

    I'm not saying that I understand what he meant, just that it's possible.

  2. Larry, what really, really made me look askew was that he addressd "the fans". It's semantics, I know, but he chose to address the fans directly. Just seemed rather odd for him to start off like that.

    Less about AJ than the direction of his comment.

  3. Is he asking us to "be nice?" To not greet the first hit batter or home run with boos? Maybe he wants the fans at the game to consider AJ's fragile psyche. I know for the rest of us in the hinterland, what we think will have no bearing whatsoever on the million dollar man. He doesn't see me – and if I was him, I sure wouldn't take time trolling the blogs….I'd be trying to come up with a decent delivery in time for Game Four.

  4. Maybe Cashman is right in directing it at the fans though. AJ didn't have a stellar year LAST year and pitched — and brilliantly — in a must-win Game 2 against the Phillies in last year's WS. Pitching him in one game and, theoretically having him be the sacrificial lamb to Cliff Lee's start… is that really such a bad gamble, all things considered?

  5. David, here's how TYU sees the ALCS rotation. Note that A.J. will not match up against Cliff Lee.

    Game 1, Friday 10/15: NYY @ TB/TEX: Sabathia v. James Shields/CJ Wilson

    Game 2, Saturday, 10/16: NYY @ TB/TEX: Pettitte v. Matt Garza/Colby Lewis

    Game 3, Monday, 10/18: TB/TEX @ NYY: Hughes v. David Price/Cliff Lee

    Game 4, Tuesday, 10/19: TB/TEX @ NYY: Sabathia v. Wade Davis/Tommy Hunter

    Game 5, Wednesday, 10/20: TB/TEX @ NYY: Burnett v. Shields/Wilson

    Game 6, Friday, 10/22: NYY @ TB/TEX: Pettitte v. Garza/Lewis

    Game 7, Saturday, 10/23: NYY @ TB/TEX: Sabathia v. Lee/Price

    Curtis, could the Yanks use a 3-man rotation? Yes. Would it be like last year's ALCS? No. Last year, the ALCS featured a rest day between games 4 and 5, so only CC pitched on 3 days' rest in the ALCS. (In the 2009 World Series, CC, A.J. and Pettitte all pitched on 3 days' rest.)

  6. Yeah, I disagree with that rotation simply because if we HAVE to use Burnett, I'd say toss him at Lee and see what comes. That also pitches Hughes at home (good splits in second-half) on INSANE rest and can move him up if the Yankees win the AJ/Lee matchup. I know it won't happen that way, but swapping Hughes/Burnett in that above would be what I do.

  7. I'm no backer of Burnett, but Cashman may be looking at Burnett's number's against Texas this year (18 IP, 16 hits allowed, 2.50 ERA, 17 K, 7 BB) and deciding he's a viable option for this series. It's kind of unbelievable that he performed that well against a team with several good hitters, and who knows if 18 innings of work is enough to look past his ferociously awful second of the season.

    Here's a thought: If the Rangers were to start Cliff Lee (or CJ Wilson) on short rest, would the Yankees still send Burnett out or would they have to respond with a better matchup? I, for one, would much rather see CC on short rest. This is especially true given the amount of rest in between starts he's had lately.

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