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  1. This truly sucks. We should have won this game and pushed it to game 7. If i was Giradi I would have pitched Andy game 6 and cc game 7. But would have, should have and could have can't change things. I'll rooting for the NL because i still have dreams of getting Cliff Lee. Hey we have 27 championships! We will definitely win next year. In 1997 we lost as the wildcard and came back to win 3 championships in a row! We will be getting some nice acquisitions and make a run next year! Don't hang your head folks. It just wasn't our year!

  2. It's a sad day. They just were the better team this round. Good to see though. Nolan Ryan is doing something special. Something a lot of owners need to start doing. Tip your caps and good night. 2011 – 4 months away.

  3. Congrats to the Rangers. As poor as the Yankees played, I am surprised they took the series to six games. I suppose I am tired of yelling at TV. However, I can still cheer on both Giants teams; the SF Giants have NY lineage, I can't stand the Phillies and the NY Giants are still in the mix of the NFC East. Go Giants!

  4. Tough loss, but we had an excellent year, it just hurts when it doesn't culminate in a title. I trust Cash and organization when it comes to building a championship caliber team for next year, hopefully we can acquire Cliff Lee and some other players in the off-season and see what happens next season.

  5. Other than Granderson and Cano, the lineup was pathetic throughout the postseason … although A-Rod will unfairly shoulder 90% of the blame.

  6. Congrats to Robbie and Grandie for doing something offensively. ARod – not a clutch performer — performs best when Yankees are up by several runs. Jeter – maybe he should have sought some counsel from Kevin Long about his batter box sway as the pitcher is in his windup — also, how many first ball groundouts does he get before he's moved to where he belongs in the lineup — 7th, 8th or 9th. Posada — never good defensively and over the hill with his bat — time to get a real catcher. Gardner — someone should tell him he can't hit the ball with the bat on his shoulder all the time — and about base stealing, he needs to learn how to read a pitchers moves before th ebatter has two strikes. Girardi — too many questionable calls — especially in September when the Ynakees were presumably trying to secure home field advantage — I won't cry if he gets moved out next year — too bad the Cubs job isn't still open. Burnett — a total waste — and almost as bad are Vasquez, Robertson and Chamberlin. Why is Dave E. still the pitching coach — maybe not for long.
    Wait to next year to see how the Yankees management can screw up another run at the WS.

    • So much for being rational…blaming ARod for not being clutch, when it was a team wide problem. Saying Jeter should be hitting at the bottom of the lineup with his resume. Questioning Eiland's competence as a pitching coach when each year he's been there, the Yankees bullpen has come together from total disarray. I mean, really? I agree with attacking Burnett, and critiquing Gardner and Girardi, but really? The rest is totally uncalled for.

      • Jason, Apparently you just want to read my critique in a vacuum. If you take it as a whole, you'll see the sum represents a "team wide problem" as you suggest. However, in particular with respect to Arod, why pay him the outrageously big bucks if he can't deliver when it's on the line. This criticism has been one of mine ever since he arrived — not just for this ALCS.
        Also, maybe the Yankees should recruit Sandy Koufax — after all, with his "resume" why should he be retired? Jeter was not good this year and did not deserve his spot in the lineup as the season progressed. The change should have been made months ago — not just for this ALCS.
        As to Eiland, the pitching staff has been a disaster since he arrived. Admittedly, it was a disaster before he got there. Maybe the blame should go to Cashman — but isn't Eiland involved in that decision-making process?

      • "Saying Jeter should be hitting at the bottom of the lineup with his resume."

        What does his resume say about his 2010 season and future performance? Next year he should indeed hit lower in the lineup against righties.

  7. Im spent. Jason, how about posting a countdown clock until pitchers and catchers report? Hopefully Cliff Lee will be there!

  8. I’m just baffled by the fact Girardi brought in Roberston in instead of Woods or CC. With all the big deal being made about how CC is good to pitch tonight for 50 pitches or so, why not bring him in? In a crucial spot, with the season on the line, it just doesn’t make sense. Wood shut down the Rangers, and I am sure CC could have as well. Either one of them had a better shot of salvaging the inning over Roberston. And once again, the intentional walk comes back to bite us in the ass.

    • Totally agree. LOT of bark but no bite. It's embarrassing to lose the Rangers. If not for the TEX bullpen collapse in Game 1 they would have won this series in 5 games. Are our 95 win Yanks really that vulnerable? Swisher was completely INVISIBLE in this series, 2 for 20? Ridiculous. Tex had a sub .200 avg. We were outscored by 17/18 runs in the series? Once again our bats got cold in a high pressure situation. I'd say that's unacceptable.

  9. Some of the more frustrating things about tonight:

    1. So many first pitch ground outs and fly outs.
    2. Intentionally walking Josh Hamilton. I know he was crazy good this series but you've got to pitch to Vlad Guerrero behind him? It just didn't really make sense. (not to mention the intentional walk to David Murphy in Game 4. ugh.)
    3. Girardi's decisions with the pitching staff. This was a MUST WIN game. Dave Roberston had no right to be out there.

    I'm just devastated. The last month of the season and the post season were just heart breaking.

    • Would we be criticizing the decision to IBB Hamilton if Hughes doesn't hang that 1-0 pitch to Vlad? C'mon…it was a lack of execution. Props to Vlad for getting the big hit, but Hamilton can't beat you.

  10. I had no problem with the intentional pass because Hamilton killed the Yankees this whole series, but Hughes threw a hanger and Vlad took advantage which is poor execution. However, I thought Girardi totally overmanaged when he gave Hughes the hook at that point. He wasn't pitching that bad other than the hanger, especially if you go back and look at the first inning when Hughes was able to limit the damage, and I felt like he should have gotten a chance to get that last out, especially if Dave Robertson was the guy Girardi was going to bring in. Saying Hughes had a poor outing is unfair even though he wasn't spectacular.

    Bigger picture, the Rangers won this series because the Yankees just couldn't find the bats, other than Robinson Cano, and this team is built on offense. The nature of the playoffs is the bats have to get hot for your team to win because it's so short, and that's especially true for the Yankees even though their lineup wasn't quite the same this year as it was last year. The Yankees hit about .200 and that's just not good enough. Getting shut out by Cliff Lee is one thing, but when you can't hit Colby Lewis you don't deserve to go to the World Series.

    Anyway, let's give a little credit to the Rangers.Their offense was really good and they basically outplayed the Yankees the whole way through.

    • Yankees BABiP in ALCS (by my rough calculations): .242. Rangers: .344. If you find that virgin, I think you can tell him/her to go home and find a nice boyfriend or girlfriend.

        • HOW bad? Have you seen anyone who has ever written about BABiP in the post-season?

          I woke up this morning thinking about it. I think that a .300 BABiP would have given the Yanks about 10 more hits. About 2 a game. It's hard to imagine how two more hits last night would have made a huge difference … but then again if you also took two hits away from the Rangers … are we allowed to pick the two hits we'd take away, because I have two candidates. Oh yeah, right, I cannot take away the HR because HRs don't factor into BABiP. HRs DO factor into xFIP. Do you have a line on advanced statistics for the post-season.

          • 100 points is one hit for every 10 batted balls. Depending on when they come, that could swing a close game.

            On the other hand, the "normal" range for BABiP is .280 to .320. Anything outside of that is generally attributable to luck. So using those ranges, the Yankees were 40 points below and the Rangers 20 points about the normal range. That's a lot of bad luck.

            Not that that takes away from the Rangers any. Good luck is a necessary part of going deep into the playoffs for any team.

          • Brien, if you're trying to compute what might have been, remember that every batted ball that might be added to the hit column also creates an additional at bat and a chance for another hit.

  11. First of all, thanks to the hosts here for making me (an outsider) feel so welcome.

    Having never been in this position before, I did my best to soak everything in last night, including the post-game coverage on TBS and ESPN. I can tell that the overall response from the national media seems to be, "Wow! The Texas Rangers?" This is natural since it hasn't happened to them before. It's still a weird feeling watching all of the fans in red and blue cheer so wildly.

    I don't want to turn this into a "stepping through a minefield" post, but I do find some of the comments interesting regarding what has happened, who it happened against, and what will happen. I'm sure that this is perspective, since at this point in past for the last forever years, Ranger fans had nothing left to ponder but the future.

    But this is where our two fandom worlds diverge. I'm not saying what is right, I'm only saying what is. Rangers fans think and ask :

    1) we need better years from X, Y, and Z;
    2) will we be able to re-sign R, S, and/or T;
    3) if only we could sign free agent A, B, or C.

    This is a generalization of what non-Yankee fans believe that Yankee fans think:

    1) X, Y, and Z didn't perform so we should ship them out for All-Stars D, E, and F;
    2) we will sign free agents A, B, and C.

    Again, I just think it's the culture of each team's history. I apologize if it sounds critical. That's not my intention.

    Lastly, and this is directed squarely at "pedro." I don't know where he fits in here, and I know that I risk sounding disrespectful. To say that it's "embarrassing" to lose to the Texas Rangers is a ridiculous and outrageous statement to make. What's embarrassing is to post something without any consideration of factual basis. Who embarrassed you…the potential MVP not named Cano?…or was it your top prize free agent-to-be named Lee?…or perhaps the "journeyman" Colby Lewis who was top 10 this year in several categories that our grandparents probably wouldn't understand?…or was it that the Yankee offense looked like the 1998 Ranger playoff version? If you say "this hurts" or "this stinks" or "can't wait to get things going again" etc.; I get it. I truly understand and get it. But to say it's "embarrassing to lose to the Texas Rangers" should be embarrassing in and of itself. That comment is what I expect to see at just about any of your garden-variety sports blogs, but fortunately, most of that drivel is filtered out.

    99% of everything I've seen here I have either experienced or am wiser for having read.

    Again, I'm sorry for the mini-rant. I don't want to come across as an ungrateful guest here. I do plan on dropping by now and then if still welcomed. You have some great writers here.

    Thanks again for your hospitality.


    Ted Zeigler
    Fort Worth, TX

    • Ted,

      You are more than welcome to hang around and been heard as much as you wish. We have enjoyed your take and we wish your team well in the WS.

      No one on the IIATMS team feels "embarrassed". The team got embarrassed but we, as fans, are not. We do our best to fight the "entitled Yankee fans" image and embarrassment about losing has no place with us.

      I firmly believe that we win like champs and we need to lose as champs.

    • Ted, I hope you are a regular around here next year. This blog is always better for the dialog we have with smart fans from other teams.

      Don't be TOO critical of Yankees fans, though heaven knows we deserve the criticism. First, New Yorkers are continually fed raw meat from the worst tabloid press in the country. (One reason why I remain "rational" is, I live in LA.) Second, when you win as often as the Yankees do, it means that you're in a position to lose a lot more often, too. In response to your mention of 1998, I can respond with 1960, 1963, 1981, 2001, 2004 …. To be perfectly honest, I remember how I felt those years, and this year barely even stings.

      Yankee fans are fed the drivel that with the money the team spends, we should win it all every year, like the baseball equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters. That drivel comes not just from the NY tabloids, but from highly respected people in the national media. Baseball does not work that way and never has, but try to make that point to millions of baseball fans around the nation.

      As for embarrassment? Remember that every post-season, Yankee fans are fed one of the following two pieces of embarrassing news: (1) we "bought" the championship, and worse, (2) our team's management wasted its money and got beat by a scrappy bunch of lower-paid guys. IOW, every year it's David v. Goliath, and we are Goliath. I can promise you, if Goliath had survived that battle with David, he would have come to with a terrible headache and an acute sense of embarrassment!

      PLEASE don't misunderstand me, there's no greater pleasure in the world of fandom than to be a Yankee fan! But we know each year where we don't see tickertape, we're going to be ragged upon for somehow underachieving. That's a burden we should gladly bear, but we don't always stand up under it all that well. Particularly within 24 hours after we lose.

      Congratulations Ted. Now go and kick the tar out of the National League and do us all proud.

    • No, definitely not Cano or Granderson. But the other 7 seven guys who didn't even bat .265, who together make something like 100 million. TEX payroll 80 mill? You see I believe players should EARN their salaries. I'm not taking anything away from Texas. They exploited every weakness (bats/bullpen management) they could and that's what the postseason is about. But please OUTRAGEOUS is a strong word. No one even thought the Rangers would even make it out of the first round.

      Oh and factual bases says the Yankees won 95 games in baseballs toughest division. Just sayin'.


  12. You really don't mean that seriously, sending "Joba + Gardner + Another Minor Leaguer not named Montaro [sic] for Colby Rasmus"? I'm not sure I'd send Gardner for Rasmus straight up.

    Now, you want to package Joba and Montero for a guy like Grienke, so be it. Send the farm for Felix.

    But the truth is, the team looked like they were spinning on 33 1/3 while the Rangers were on 45 (for those of you old enough to remember record players)

    • Rasmus>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gardner

      That said, the idea is still pretty silly because there's no way you could get Rasmus for Gardner, Joba, and not-Montero. Plus the Cards have said in no uncertain terms that Rasmus isn't available anyway.

      • I'm not sure if I buy that Gardner is better than Rasmus. I would say the strikes out might be a problem, but I think everything else points in Colby's favor. I don't know how much more Gardner can improve, that's what worries me. And I don't buy that there's no way the Cards are going to trade him. LaRussa always finds one or two players to push out.

  13. In the Yankee losses, the Rangers limited the Yankees to runs of 2, 0, 3, and 1 and won with 4 games with a run differential of +25. In the Yankees wins, they scored 6 and 7 runs and had a run differential of +6 combined.

    As much as I would have preferred the Yankees to win the series, I take away a few things from the series:
    1) The Rangers are the better team at this point in time and deserve to advance.
    2) There are plenty of places where the Yankees didn't put themselves in a better position to be more competitive in the 4 losses (none of which ended up being close).
    3) The Yankees were one of eight teams to survive the regular season grind and give themselves a chance to win it all. As long as they keep getting their shots in the post-season it will be easier to swallow not winning it all then not even being part of the conversation.
    4) It will be an interesting remainder of the post-season (despite the Yankees not being there) and a very interesting off-season I suspect. I'm sure the Yankees will make moves to try to continue to improve the product they already have.

    • Forged, my brief reply:

      1. Agreed.
      2. Agreed.
      3. Agreed.
      4. Agreed.

      Look for one or two upcoming posts from me where I will elaborate.

  14. rg, remember March, when we were debating whether Hughes or Joba should be our fifth starting pitcher. Hughes outperformed any of our March expectations. Also remember that the guy had never pitched more than 116 innings in any year before this year (and that 116 inning year was 4 years ago). I suspect that Hughes was pretty much exhausted. For a guy on an innings limit, Hughes threw around 192 innings this year (including the post-season). I'm disappointed about last night, but I think that Hughes was one of our bright spots this year and I just hope he'll have something left in the tank for next year.

    • Exactly. After all, he was our Great Hope only a few years back; just as Joba has had a hard time living up to his beginnings, it has to be tough living up to a no-hitter in one of your first starts. (No hitter, up to his injury.)

      Hughes may never be Felix, or even Grienke, but I doubt if he'll be AJ either.

  15. In the 8th inning last night, I was resigned to the field winning this year. Here's my rational take that makes me feel better: The Yanx just completed their 110th season. With 40 WS appearances and 27 titles, that means they average a WS appearance every 2.75 years and a championship every 4 years. In other words they are winning a championship 25% of the time over a period of >100 years. The next closest team would be the Cards with 17 pennants and 10 rings (established 1882). I take comfort in the fact that St Louis could win the WS for the next 16 years and they still would have less. I surely don't expect to win it every year (although I expect the possibility to be there aka making the playoffs). If logic and rationality tells us that the playoffs are a crapshoot, and the Yanx have consistently won at a much higher clip than any other team, well then I can still rest easy. This series was quite simple for me: Yanx had depended on their bats and bullpen the last few months for any starter not named CC. Bullpen and [most of the] bats had a bad few games and the starters (other than CC) weren't good enough to overcome lack of pen and bats. These things happen. Lee will be worth a few extra wins and help the rotation next year, especially in the playoffs. They'll be in the hunt yet again, which is all we can really ask for (at least rationally).

    • WOW! That IS rational! All except the expectation that Lee will be a Yankee next year. I think that's a good bet, but not a done deal.

      Add to the analysis the fact that it's harder to advance through the playoffs now than it was before 1995 (when the current four-round playoff system was adopted), and a LOT harder than it was before 1969 (when the two-round playoff system was adopted). Prior to 1969, all you needed to do to win the World Series was to be the first team to win four games, to win more post-season games than you lost. Strangely enough, in 2010 the Yankees WERE the first team to win 4 games in the post-season, and they DID win more post-season games than they lost. Meaningless trivia, but it does illustrate the bigger point.

      • Probably, though I can't imagine what it is. On the free agent market, there's a big fall-off after Cliff Lee. You can see the list here, http://bit.ly/1AJmhT, but note that Ted Lilly is no longer on the list. I have not tried to analyze the list for possible second choices after Cliff Lee. Maybe Hiroki Kuroda?

        There may be good pitchers available in trade. Zack Greinke is rumored to be available, though it scares me to think what the Royals could ask for in return. We know that the Rays have to dump salary, and that either Shields or Garza may be available. Another option is to bring guys into the bullpen — much of the Rays bullpen may be available. If we add an arm or two to the bullpen, we might think about the "Joba as Starter" thing again.

        I'm sure in the next week or two (or three) someone here will address this question in depth. I have not done the analysis, so don't take any of the above too seriously.

        • You're right, I shouldn't assume Lee is coming to NY. I thought I remembered him saying a month or so ago that he was going where the most money was and a no trade clause or something. But then I guess he recently said if they win a world series that could change his thinking and the Rangers are saying they will make a competitive offer. While disappointed if we don't get Lee (6th overall in xFIP in 2010; 1st in WAR), either Greinke (23rd in xFIP; 11th in WAR) or Kuroda (14th in xFIP; 26th in WAR) would make great additions. After that, the FA pool for SP doesn't look too good, unless you're willing to take a shot on a 31-year old Brandon Webb returning from shoulder surgery who hasn't pitched in the majors since opening day 2009.

    • Sure, the Yankees have a great history and have won many WS championships. But I am 18 years old, I was born in 1992. And while I got heavily involved in sports and watched the Yankees win the World Series in 2000 in the first season that I started watching baseball, I’ve really only seen the Yankees win 2 championships (which is a LOT for 10 years but out of 27 is basically nothing.)

      I don’t know what my major point is, I just wanted to point this fact out and note that the fact that we have “27” Championships doesn’t really matter. Do you think pre-2004 Red Sox fans rejoiced at all that they won several times before 1918?

      • Taylor, I know for a fact that Red Sox fans in my lifetime did not rejoice about their pre-1918 championships, but when you started watching baseball in 2000, the Yankees had won three championships in the previous four years. That's hardly 1918 material. Also, all of the Yankees' championships are post-1918, for whatever that's worth.

        Two championships in ten years is not far from the norm in Yankee-land. We won two championships in the 60s, two in the 70s. We did a little better in the 20s and 90s (3 championships each), and we won't discuss the 80s. You'd just as soon as skipped the 30s, as the Great Depression would have put a damper on your celebration of 5 Yankees championships.

        When I was 18, the Yankees had won two championships since I became a baseball fan (when I was 5, in 1960; if I'd waited until I was 8 I would have missed those championships too). Since then I've added 7 more championships. In your lifetime you cannot expect to see this many tickertape parades, because it's become more difficult to win world championships with the 8-team format.

        The five Yankees championships in your lifetime IS something. There are only three teams who have won more than 5 championships in their history: the Yankees of course, the Cards, and the BoSox (who won 5 of the 7 on or before 1918).

        I get that you're not complaining. If you're not into the history, I get that but then you're just going to have to be patient. We're just not going to roll off 3 or 5 championships in a row any more, not without a lot of luck anyway.

  16. Nobody's embarrassed because we lost 2 the Rangers, JUST THAT WE LOST, and how we lost. More so the how I suppose, no heart//effort. A lot of blogs//articles are saying that and it feels right to me. Rangers wanted it more they've never been there. They got that hunger, it seemed like we didn't. Christ almighty did we swing w/e we damn well felt like, so many 1 pitch outs and swinging @ god knows what outside the strike zone (although I hope bad umping made us do that. but probably not) Sabrina & Mike' Ts posts helped to heal my gaping wounds for a little.

    Every time we lose met//sox fans//yankee haters harass us saying "u spent all that on Xplayer and this and that and still lose!" then we win…"OF COURSE U WON U BOUGHT THE RING AND SPENT $ ON xPLAYER THIS AND THAT". Spike Lee said it best "people like to see teams from ny lose". Alot of us are used to winning and expect to, and alot of people are tired of it. Whoever we lose to whenever we lose to them, will feel embarrassing. I'm sure the pats were embarrassed to lose to anyone regardless if its the giants or not, since they were SUPPOSED to win, but the giants are from ny & didn't have all that great of a record.

    I wouldn't take offense to any1 who told me they were embarrassed their team lost to the giants. Being the underdog is great, people cheer for that, they love seeing the lil guy beat the big guy. The big guy is NATURALLY embarrassed losing to sum1 that size. Rangers are no little guy, that would be the twins I think, I wanted to play TB everyone wanted the Rangers I knew they were crazy.

    That 07 pat season? IS EVERY YANKEE SEASON!! The media//fans (on either side) contribute to it. I don't think anyone can understand that unless they are fans of great teams w/ multiple championships. Lakers have been treated in a similar way recently , and the Heat w/ there triple threat are gonna get WHOLE LOTTA Yankee style hate. I don't mind having the frame of mind of THE BOSS, I rather out of this world high expectations than saying well at least we….THERE IS NO "AT LEAST WE" in NY its win the title or bust. Tons of pressure but its NY what you expect? It's part of what makes NY NY and the yanks the yanks….for better or worse! It's part of the the deal when you win and win w/ the yanks

    I really don't like writing that much and I REALLY hate spelling things correctly on the internet but I love the yanks, I cannot accept losing though I know full well you can't win every yr. but it is what it is, this is the life I choose becoming a Yankee fan I guess lol. It was hard to sleep that night, I feel almost a lil better now :)………not even close :(

      • 50% better, increases 10% for every good off season move. I come here every day and I duno if that hurts or helps lol, it's a reminder that the yanks are out but its almost like an AA meeting trying to get through the winter. At least the NY Giants might be better than we thought, that helps, and nba starts tues. time and other sports heal all wounds

  17. the yankees lost to a team whose payroll is 1/4 of theirs… how does cashman still have a job?

    • The question for me is how angry are the rest of MLB's owners for floating the Rangers through their bankruptcy, allowing them to add payroll? Whether it was the right or wrong thing to do, it's pretty wild that the team was allowed to do it.

  18. Look, the Yankees are the most successful franchise in sports and have won almost 1/4 of all World Series ever played, appearing in about 40%. News flash: that means they're going to miss 60% of all WS and still not even win those they make. It's ok. Home fans got to witness up to 52 wins in a comfortable if not spectacular new stadium, and TV fans were treated to 95 wins. We have players to root for (for me it's Georgie and Mo) and players to complain about (Javy Vazquez), and plenty of haters to smirk at. The Rangers and Giants are a great matchup and pitchers and catchers report February 13th.

    Life is just fine.

  19. Jason & Co.:

    Thanks for providing me with the best way to follow and discuss the Yankees that I've had in years. Your blog really made my season.

    As for the Yankees, the ALCS was disappointing, but the season wasn't. We lost 4-2 in a best-of-seven series — all you can do is tip your hat and look to next year.

    Can't wait to share 2011 with you folks.

    Matthew G.