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20 thoughts on “Cashman on the Off-Season

  1. I think Andy returns if Cliff Lee signs. No one believes in Burnett right now..Jose Molina back to catch the head case anyone? We need another pitcher just to offset the awfulness of Burnett if we get Lee..maybe trade for Grienke or King Felix? That would leave us with Burnett as our number 5 starter. I think Hughes isn't ready to be a starter, I know he had 18 wins but the team scored an average of 8 runs a game when he pitched! Sounds like Chien Ming Wang to me. Make Hughes you 7th inning guy, wood your 8th and the 9th Mo. Shortens the game especially since in the post season..the starters struggled to make it to the 5th inning except for game 3 and 5.
    Beyond pitching we need a catcher. Bring up Montero or find a catcher…Cervelli isn't offensive at all..he had no home runs for the whole year…I can't even remember a Yankee catcher having no home runs! Plus when he came up to the plate, he seemed like an automatic out. We need an outfielder maybe Werth or Crawford…I would rather both. Werth would help our bench situation and Crawford would be a much better lead off hitter, speed is key in disrupting games.Remember Andrus? We need a better lefty than Boone Logan and I think Mosely would be a good idea as a long relief pitcher..he won game 1 doing just that! We need a lot more than pitching. I hope Cashman can see that. Hope his only move isn't trading. I hope he'll be doing both to get us back to the World Series. And build a dynasty not one hit wonders!

    • Sabrina, we'll be talking a lot about the Yankees' options over the next few weeks and months. But I want to caution you, there are limits on the amount the Yankees will spend this winter. Remember that the collective bargaining agreement is up for negotiation, meaning that both the so-called luxury tax and the revenue sharing system are up for negotiation. There will be a push to make the luxury tax a lot tougher, to lower the tax limit and increase the tax penalty. This push will affect the Yankees more than anyone else.

      I plan to write about this soon, but the potential reconsideration of the luxury tax will affect the Yankees in two ways. First, the Yankees will not want to do anything to add to the arguments in favor of toughening the luxury tax. If the Yankees add a lot to their 2011 payroll, it will also add to the arguments in favor of toughening the existing tax. But if the Yankees respect the existing tax system by not spending too high above the tax limit, then it can be argued that the existing tax system is working and that it does not need to be changed.

      Second, the Yankees have to consider the risk that the tax will be toughened regardless of how much money the Yankees choose to spend in the off-season. Let's say that the Yankees decide to sign Cliff Lee at $22.5 million per season. The Yankees are currently subject to a 40% luxury tax, so the effective cost of Cliff Lee to the Yankees would be 40% above $22.5 million. It would be $31.5 million. That's a lot of money already. But what if baseball decides to increase the luxury tax to 75%? This is entirely possible, and it would raise my hypothetical cost of Cliff Lee to almost $40 million a year. That's a LOT of money. That's more than the entire 2010 payroll for the Padres and Pirates.

      I do not think any of this will stop the Yankees from trying to sign Cliff Lee, but the possibility of a luxury tax increase is going to make the Yankees think twice about signing someone like Carl Crawford or Jason Werth.

      IIATMS, as someone once said.

    • Hughes had an FIP of ~4.30 at 24 years of age. He's plenty ready to be a starter, and any criticism of him for his overall body of work this season is pretty ridiculous.

    • On Jeter – the sensible way out of this for both the team and Jeter is to sign for a digestible number (a la $30M for 3 years) and for the club to give him a piece of the team after he is done playing…not sure what rules in MLB exist on this stuff (if you need to disguise it as a lifetime service contract or something else), but it would allow Jeter to save face with the potential value of the deal, and allow the Yankees to get better next year, and in 2012, and in 2013…that would be the true mark of a Captain and Icon…

      • could be a way for him to make amends for how he treated A-rod for the first 4 years he was here and splinterred the locker room…no matter what he felt about A-rod or his ridiculous comments made to a reporter about Jeter, he is the Captain and should have done what he needed to do to put the team first…if he couldn't bring himself to try to make Alex feel more comfortable, then at least let the other guys do it…i suspect that many in that club house didn't do it out of fear of facing Jeter's wrath…Jeter is great…among the greatest in history…no question here…but in my view, he has an opportunity to further set himself apart with how he handles this contract…it isn't just about stats and reputation…to quote him, it's about the team's success…will be interesting to see if he really believes it

    • Tenth, Sabrina did not say that Werth would be on the bench. Of course Werth would start. Sabrina said that Werth's presence would strengthen the Yankee bench, because someone else (someone like Thames) would be on the bench instead of in the starting lineup.

  2. I like the addition of Werth Crawford may be getting a lil old, more than anything jesus needs to be moved up. Snag Lee and I'll be pretty satisfied, i believe in Mosley too. Not ready to move phil out of the starting line up though. He might have a better yr. Joba is done though. Cervelli had like one good month and that was about it wasn't it?

  3. Cliff Lee will not be going to New York. With new ownership the Rangers can afford him and will go after him. New York obviously can afford him and will not be outspent. The wildcard is Lee's wife. They live in Arkansas and the flight is only 1 hour or a 4 hour drive. They have never been able to go to a game so easy until he got traded to the Rangers. She love's it and he wants to contend every year. The Rangers are loaded in the minors and have an extremely talented core of players. They will contend and he will head their rotation. His main priority is a no trade which everyone will offer him. The Yankees are old. Jeter has no range and Arod looks slow. Mariano is not as good and not even under contract. Mar my words, Cliff Lee will be in Texas next year and many years to come.

    • This is a little esoteric for my tastes. Sure, Texas has some money to spend now, but it's not like they have *more* money than the Yankees. If the question of who Lee plays for next year comes down solely to money, then it's a done deal, he'll be in New York. And I think it's as likely as not that money will make the difference. Lee was a late bloomer after all, meaning this will likely be the only free agent contract he ever signs. It's hard to turn down a few million dollars given the circumstance.

      • money talks in this business. i remember the phillies gm saying that cliff lee wanted a lot of money to stay and that was the reason for trading him. Lee said he would have taken less. I think I'll believe the gm on this one. Lee wants money and to be with his bff CC. When he thought he was being traded to NY, he was looking for a house near him. The wife issue is not problem. Apparently their wives are bff''s also.

        • This stuff always makes me laugh. I mean, he'll retire at 40, give or take, at which point he'll be fabulously wealthy and able to live wherever he pleases. I can't honestly believe people actually think something like that would tip a decision over, say, an extra $5 million in earnings.

          Although that's another point. We talk about multi-million dollars deals so matter of factly that I think we forget that the differene between $100 million and $110 million is a lot of freaking money.

  4. We already have a solid team. If things rolled our way in the ALCS, you may be looking at the 28 time champion Yankees.

    I think we should sign Lee, I know the potential long term consequences of doing so, but he is such a great pitcher we'd be stupid not to in my mind.

    I don't know what to do about our catching situation. Posada is getting old, he clearly isn't a good defensive catcher anymore, but he is pretty solid offensively. Everyone talks about Montero in our farm, but I don't think he's ready to catch, could be wrong though.

  5. I think you have to give Montero a shot. He is a heck of a stick and can he seriously be worse than Posada or Cervelli in the defense department?