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5 thoughts on “Girardi deal coming soon

  1. Nah, I like Girardi on the whole, I just hope he learned something from the ALCS. I'm more or less ambivalent on who the manager is, so long as it's not someone awful. Outside of the awful ones, there's not a whole lot of differentiation between them.

  2. I don't care if he goes or stays now, and i know thats because they lost. but he couple points in the playoffs where just puzzling to me. I am used to joe though I'm not gonna be mad if he comes back but I won't be sad if he leaves either….then again who would step in?

  3. The irony is that of the 3 years Girardi has managed here… he probably did the WORST job last season, the championship season.

    I really don't have any problems with what Girardi did in 2008 or this year… (but maybe that is partly because I don't have high standards for him)… but last year he really could have torpedo's the team's title chances. Fortunately the team was just too stacked for Girardi to screw it up.

    A manager is always an easy target when a team loses….