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10 thoughts on “Lee on Yankee Stadium Incident: “Who Cares?”

  1. What else could Lee say? That he wouldn't come to the Yankees if we were the last team on earth? That the Rangers no longer need worry about making an offer competitive with the Yankees?

    • Well yeah, it's pretty much positioning 101, but he did elaborate a little, which means it probably is at least somewhat legitimate.

      In other words, I don't think the Yankees can't apologize with a few extra millions.

  2. We have Yankees fans who feel entitled to do whatever they want at the Stadium because they pay big bucks for their tickets, and the Yankees' management then uses those bucks to apologize for the actions of the fans. Beautiful.

    • One fan doesn't represent the countless nice Yankee fans who do go to the stadium. I don't think it will be a big deal. Lee will be playing for the team not with the fans. It's not like the captain threw beer at her. It was some stupid fan that did it.

      • Sabrina, I agree with your statements but I disagree with your overall point. Yes, it was just a handful of fans who took those actions. But those actions were borderline criminal actions. There were more than a handful of fans who stood by and watched while these actions were taking place. They said nothing. They did nothing. Why not? There were plenty of "nice" Yankee fans in the vicinity of the hooligans, I agree with you there. Why didn't they get off their butts, find a cop and have the jerks thrown out of the stadium?

        I'll let you answer that question for me.

        But I'll add something that I know is true: this kind of garbage would not happen in either of the Stadiums in Los Angeles (including the Los Angeles stadium in Anaheim). That kind of behavior would not be tolerated. The jerks would be put in jail, and the cops would get a standing ovation. The Dodgers and Angels both go to great lengths to make certain that the atmosphere is family-friendly.

        Ask Jason what he experienced at Petco in San Diego. Or what I experienced at Safeco in Seattle. Yes, in Dodger Stadium the crowd boos when an usher pops a beachball being bounced around the stands (it's our right to play with beachballs from the 99 Cent Store!).

        I'll tell you something else I find troubling. We're upset about this mostly because it might affect Cliff Lee's free agency decision. How about being upset about this because it represents disgusting behavior in Yankee Stadium, OUR HOUSE? How about asking how this could have happened, with all the cops and security present? How about making sure that the visiting team's wives and girlfriends are treated in OUR HOUSE as honored guests?

        Sabrina, I'm a Yankee fan who lives out of town. When I next come to NY, do you think I should bring my family to the Stadium? Well, of course *I* am coming to the Stadium, but maybe I'll leave my wife at home. Is that an irrational decision (coming from a "Rational" guy)? You bet. But it is irrationality born from these kinds of incidents that bad reputations are born, and bad reputations (deserved or not) are very difficult to shake.

        If Cliff Lee decides not to come to New York, because of the reputation of New York and its fans, he won't be the first to make that decision, and he probably won't be the last.

        Major credit belongs to Wallace Matthews, who described this situation exactly right. http://es.pn/a0wUe3. I don't always love Matthews, but it took guts to write a column blasting some Yankee fans — blasting some of his own readers.

        • I don't excuse any fan for letting it happen. I'll be one of those fans that will not tolerate that behavior. I have seen Yankee fans be rude to other yankee fans and haven't hesitated to stand up for anyone being mistreated. I know that Yankees get a bad rap so does Yankee fans. It's not fair to think that a couple of jerks represents going to yankee stadium. If this happened in Texas. I am sure the article wouldn't have been written. Yankee news sells especially bad news. Yes the fans were wrong. But I always believe news on the Yanks are blown way out of proportion.
          Bring your wife and bring your kids. i have seen families go to yankee stadium. And i have had the good fortune of talking with those families, even the kids talk to me. I was a partial season ticket holder. And I have no worries about going to the game. It was a great atmosphere. Great fans. Alll I was worrying was about being at a winning game. It is just unfortunate that in an effort to sell stories. Yankee stadium ends up looking like a bad place to go to when in reality…its the place you want to be. If the Yanks want…ill personally apologize to Lee's wife.

  3. Call me a conspiracy nut but doesn't the time seem a bit convenient. One day after the world finds out that his wife is going to push him to stay in Texas because it is close to their house in Arkansas she tells USAToday how badly she was treated in Yankee stadium. Every time TBS showed the visiting families they seemed to be in a pretty nice section of the stadium and quite happy.

  4. Sorry to hear that the fans are like that. I know how it feels – Hawkeye Stadium, for the U of Iowa is the same way – every football game the fans do their best to make the experience a living hell for opposing fans. Like bullys everywhere, if there is a block of travelling fans, the abuse is verbal.

    But when I attended my first (and last) with my wife, there were two Illinois fans behind us in the bleachers. Two very polite and unassuming fans, who went out of their way NOT to instigate anything. Yet when they went to the concessions, Hawkeye "fans" poured drinks on their seats. Very classy behaviour.

    And I am ashamed to this day that we didn't do anything about it – but at that stadium, that crowd, a guy and his wife don't have much more power than the visiting fans. Sad.

    That said, Ms. Lee has to be intelligent enough to realize that if her husband is in pinstripes, she can go wherever she wants in NYC, whenever she wants, however she wants, and have fans shower her with hosannas.

  5. I think Lee's wife will be forgetting this whole incident very soon…he pitched game one like he was ready to come to ny!