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6 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Options declined

  1. I wonder things like that too, like the 12th man on the lakers, he played all of 12 seconds in the playoffs I think IF that. Pay me half of what hes getting, and ill do the teams laundry, put there bags on the plane//bus every team in every sport could save money hiring avg joes to do bitch//intern work for half the price of who ever is sitting @ the end of there bench

  2. speakin of this guy….hell happened to austin kearns again? Does he even exist? was he ever real 2 begin w/ or a figment of my imagination?

  3. You rolls the dice, you takes your chances. Sure things are expensive. Cashman signed Winn, Johnson, and Thames for cheap and hoped one would pan out. At those prices, he got a steal on Thames. Kearns was a real flier, and no harm done given the value the Yanks got from Wood.

    He thought Vazquez could translate #1 starter status in the NL into fourth starter in the AL. Who would have thought that even that low bar was beyond him?

    I don't know what to think about Berkman. Will, can you make up some numbers for us?

    • Berkman wasn't himself this season–which could be due to age, or perhaps he was hurt. Either way, this is a power hitter who seems to have lost his power (which bodes poorly). He'll likely get a job as a DH next season–someone will take a flier. Given the Yankees median age (which is not so slowly creeping upward), I can't imagine it being them.

  4. Wood is a type B free agent–given he'll likely get multi-year deals as a closer, I hope the Yankees offer him arbitration, and get an extra pick out of the deal.

  5. In all seriousness, forget not retaining Johnson coming as a suprise– how about his inability to perform? He was placed on the DL in May– the season barely even begun. Nevermind that, but it was for a sore wrist and it was a 60-day DL– which lasted the entire season. I'm not sure why we decided to reacquire him after we got rid of him in '03. In his 7 seasons of baseball he's been on the DL more games than he's played– rarely ever making it to the 100 game mark in a season. If you ask me he has a pretty sweet deal, rarely having to play and making a ton of money– I wish I could manage to find a career that could give me that. I understood the arguments for his potential, because when he plays, he does have it, but nonetheless, I expected nothing more from him than what he gave and I would have been dumbfounded if management kept him around for another season. We traded Matsui for Johnson who, in my opinion, had much more to offer us. Regardless, no use in my rant as this is neither here nor there I suppose, on to the next season, right?