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6 thoughts on “Must read: Digging into the Fox/Cablevision mess

  1. Do TV stations know how easy it is to watch anything you want for free on your computer? run a wife from the pc to your 60inch flat screen and your in business. Just pay for an internet connection. The quality is really not bad @ all considering its free.

    I didn't even know how easy it was….till fox forced me to find out

  2. To be clear though, MLB TV doesn't compete with cable because games in your market and national games are blacked out. The only games you can get are games you couldn't watch on cable anyway.

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  4. I'm a college student without a tv, yet I watch every game. There are streaming websites like




    that I can watch every baseball, basketball, football, (etc). game.

  5. It's interesting to me because everybody (unless we're talking about remote, hilly areas of the country far away from their broadcast station) can pick up FOX with a metal coathanger and some wire. Whenever our cable goes out on campus, I can pick up FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, all these PBS stations, and like… Univision, all HD, all completely free… with a metal coathanger.

    Granted not every television has an ATSC tuner built in, but mine does, and it only cost me $250 over a year ago…

  6. I have time warner cable.so it doesn't affect me but it would be bad news if the yanks were in the world series. This will be the least watched World Series in years!