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36 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Who's on the team next year, and most specifically, what's the rotation? Doesn't look good from here beyond C.C.

    • and with CC's knee surgery – it doesn't look like a sure thing there. Everyone I know who has had any knee work has been told by the doctor to "Lose weight." Don't see that happening – and if he did drop 50 pounds, who knows what that would do to his mechanics.

      I'm not as unworried as Jason is about this.

    • It's hard to guess at just who will be on the team next year, what with trades and all. But discounting those, I'd say everyone but Kearns, Thames, Berkman, Wood, and Johnson will be back in some capacity.

      The likely rotation is CC, Lee, Pettitte, Hughes, A.J.

      • I wouldn't mind that rotation. If A.J can get his act together…that will be a nice starting 5. I still think we need a bridge to Mo. I'm still hoping for Wood to sign.

        • The acusation of Lee is something I'm constantly praying for. A favorite line I shot back at anyone during the playoffs was, "Okay, but next year, he'll be in pinstripes." So long as the Giants keep sweeping the floor with the Rangers, I forsee Lee being an easier acquisition. In terms of the bridge to Mo though, I completely agree, Sabrina.

  2. What I’m most worried about in 2011 is our Starting Rotation. For me, the best case scenario is:


    Pretty solid, but there’s also a worst case scenario:


    Some people are talking about bringing Joba back into the rotation, but I think that is absolutely horrible. We can’t be changing him back and forth every year. That worst case scenario does not look like a winning team.

    Just one thing that’s on my mind.

  3. Well maybe not change Hughes and Joba but possibly use both as starters? I know alot of people are down on Joba but he seems to have more trade value as a 24/25? year old starter than an equivalent bullpen arm

  4. Sign Lee this free agency then trade joba,CC and other minor league prospects to get felix

    • Trade CC for Felix? CC has proven he can win 21 games playing in the AL East. Felix won 13 games and lost 12. I don't care about pitching stats either. The AL west is aweful. This isn't a fair trade straight up. Why would you also throw Joba and prospects at the Mariners? Its moronic.

    • I'm sorry, I've been out all day. Did you just suggest trading CC? First of all, he has a full NTC. Second of all, he will be paid $23m EACH year for the next FIVE years. Who is going to a) take on this contract and b) give the Yanks anything of quality (unless you consider a bag of baseballs quality)?

      That's silly talk, Colins. Tell me you're kidding.

      You want to project a trade where we'd get Felix, great. I can't see it happening, other than in my dreams.

      FWIW, I can still see CC opting out of his contract to essentially get an extension. Not to necessarily leave the Yanks but to lock up two more years, for example.

  5. The obvious thing for Cashman to do if we can't get Lee is to raid the farm and trade for Greinke. Yes much has been made of his anxiety issues but I suspect it's much more likely we can fix them than whatever's going on in AJ's head.

  6. Hernandez isnt available because pitching stats do matter and his dominance of those categories point to him being the best in the American League. CC is untradeable, nor should we want him to be traded. He has been a workhorse, so much so, that they need to give the big guy a break. IF they sign Lee, are the Yankees really going to have 3 pitchers over 30 making an average of $20MM per year?
    Unfortunately, Cashman's strategy has to be largely contingent upon what is agreed upon with Jeter about his future. I think they should give him $20MM per, but with the caveat that he moves to LF this winter. You then have any of the OFs, Joba and one of the catching prospects to move for a premier shortstop (read Jose Reyes) and a mid-level starting pitcher. Take this opportunity to sign a big time pitching coach – look at the impact of Dave Righetti, Mike Maddux and more extensively Dave Duncan…how can Texas get that type of production from CJ Wilson and Colby Lewis but they cant get it from AJ Burnett and Phil Hughes?…Its a joke…

  7. Haha it was just a joke that trade would never happen, we all know that. Sorry did not mean to cause everyone to go crazy :P

  8. I know I may sound crazy and greedy but if the yanks can sign lee and trade for grienke. I would rather have Hughes in the pen helping to bridge for Mo.Or keep Hughes in the rotation and trade Burnett for something. That seems nuts too but I'm tired of AJ. He gave us the one good game he could in my eyes. Game 2 of the World Series last year. We need middle relief. As much as starting pitching. If we can fix those two areas plus get an outfielder for some pop. It can get us a nice run into the postseason.

    • *Typed out a long reply to this pointing out the flaws in the thinking of trading AJ or "upgrading" in OF, but accidentally deleted by post*

    • Putting Hughes in the bullpen after he finally broke out as a starter would be a really bad idea. If they sign Lee and Pettitte returns, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to trade for Greinke, especially since the Killer B's would presumably be ready to start hitting the majors in 2012-13.

      • i am only said that because i am worried about the bridge to Mo…there is none right now…as much as the rotation can be good..bullpens win ws too! Giants are showing that!

  9. Did Dan Haren sign an extension with the Angels after he was traded? If not, there is a pitcher the Yankees made a play for earlier and especially expecting the worst regarding Lee and Andy. Dan Haren could be a viable option

  10. Larry, how fast is Lee going to be in pinstripes if the Giants keep whipping the Rangers? Give up? In a new york minute lol.

    • I'd be a bit careful here, Sabrina. I think the entire Rangers team was kidnapped on their way to San Francisco and replaced by a group of guys that can't hit, and either can't throw a ball over the plate or can't help throwing balls right down the middle. I think the guy we saw yesterday was a clever Cliff Lee impersonator, and I want to find out where the kidnappers are holding the guy we couldn't hit if the game went 20 innings.

      • I think like you said the playoffs is a crap shoot. I knew the Giants were trouble and would be underestimated. I think Rangers are in trouble. No way they are even close to the 1996 Yanks!

  11. I don't understand why everyone keeps saying Felix is unavailable. I know he signed an extension just a year ago but thats just because everyone thought the Mariners were going to be contenders in 2010. I can't imagine he's happy with his AL leading ERA, SO and WHIP (min. 245 IP) and just 13 W's.

    KFelix vs. AL East, 5-1 with a 0.81 ERA. I don't know why there isn't more speculation about him coming to the Bronx…

    • Cause he is the best young pitcher in baseball and I'm assuming he has a great contract. He is also the face of the franchise.

      Not every player in MLB is available, and the Yankees would literally have to trade their entire farm system to get Felix.

  12. I'm assuming Felix has a no-trade clause which would mean if he would be moving it would only be to a contender. The only contender in the AL with the necessary pieces is NY.

    Cashman just has to realize that he's not gonna come cheap. I think Joba, Montero and two other prospects should do the trick. If not just give them whatever they want.

    But one thing's for sure. KF is not going to finish his contract in Seattle.

    • Where are you getting this information?

      I wouldn't do that trade if I was Felix, there is literally no incentive to trading Hernandez. Has he shown any distaste for playing in Seattle? Seriously, some players are just happy where they are. If Cashman knew Felix was available, he would do that trade in a second, because the Mariners would have to be incredibly stupid to accept that.

      Seriously, if I had my way our lineup would resemble an all-star team of the two all star teams, but that just isn't realistic. Some players are just not available.

      • He's the best pitcher in the league. Why would he want to play with a team that are starting to look like perennial losers. It's just not logical. I can assure you, after another AL WORST season, Felix is going to want to get out of Seattle.

        • There are plenty of guys that played on bad teams their entire career and were just fine.

          Look at Michael Young, he just made the playoffs for the first time in his career. There are countless other examples.

          Joba, Montero, and two other prospects? I was unaware that Joba still has the intrigue to make a trade be centered around him. Thanks for the information. Like I said, there is just no incentive for the Mariners to trade Felix at all at this point, absolutely none.

          • Joba doesn't have intrigue but he's what we've got. And M. Young is far from becoming the dominant force that Hernandez ALREADY is. And the incentive might not be there right now but 'after another AL WORST season, Felix is going to want to get out of Seattle'.

  13. My question for the crowd is, "what about a new pitching coach?" With Dave Eiland gone there's a chance that the new guy will 1. encourage/discourage Pettite to stick around, 2. get AJ back to some semblance of form, 3. help Joba harness his filthy stuff, 4. run the entire ship onto the rocks.

    Who has the best chance of getting the job and who can do the most good?