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7 thoughts on “Yanks, Girardi Agree to Deal

    • Pretty low. Someone will offer him a chance to close, and closing means the chance to get saves. Saves=money for relievers. Really, it wouldn't surprise me to see Wood take a $5-6 million salary to close for someone like Tampa Bay next year.

      • Agreed. Do you think it would make sense to go for Tampa's closer? I know, he'd be a very expensive set up man, but he'd also be a very good backup, and have the time to get used to NYC. Obviously, with the long view being an eventual replacement for Mo, and to possibly extend Mo's usefulness over the length of his new contract. Whatever it may be.

      • Well I'm hopeful that he sees that a chance for a ws ring is in ny. Still hopeful..anything can happen this offseason.

  1. It's possible. But remember, he was hurt again this year too, so he might not get any more than a year offer. But then again, never underestimate how stupid relievers make GM's.

  2. There's a side of me that wishes that the Yankees would use some of that money on the middle relief, even if it's just throwing enough money out there to have the reliable bridge to Rivera that's been missing since the late '90s. I understand that it's not there because every reliever wants to go close, though.