Non-Yankees WS ratings down, so what?

Fox will make less this year than last but that doesn’t (immediately) impact baseball. It’s possible that a period of prolonged and signficant declines could adversely affect the price paid during the next network negotiation, but I highly doubt this occuring.  The World Series is a cornerstone to any network’s sports business and far to0 attractive for them to shortchange.

Last Friday’s defeat of the well-known, defending champion Yankees was not welcome for Fox as finalists San Francisco and Texas lack a similar national following. Last year’s World Series was the highest-rated since 2004.

Fox is going to be challenged,” said sports TV consultant Mike Trager, a former NBC Sports vice president. “They better hope that (series) goes six or seven games.”

MLB is and will continue to be an incredibly attractive property that will remain highly sought after whenever network negotiations are concerned.  The money won’t stop a’flowin’ so I’m not a’worryin’.  And if Fox isn’t worried, why should you (emphasis mine):

Fox, which will broadcast its 11th straight World Series, has sold all the ad spots for the Series’ first five games at rates said to be running at $450,000 per 30 seconds. With a typical World Series game having 70-some spots, that can mean $31.5 million or more per game. Those kinds of numbers are appealing to Fox, which has the rights to broadcast MLB games through 2013. “We’re very happy with where baseball is today,” Fox Sports President Eric Shanks said. “If the deal was up this year, I think you would see Fox definitely at the table for renewal.”

See, Fox is happy, probably because they really like listening to Buck and McCarver, for some reason.  So let’s stop sweating the ratings game and simply enjoy an exciting World Series. For those of you who can, you know, watch it easily.

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5 thoughts on “Non-Yankees WS ratings down, so what?

  1. I don't think it's an issue, but I'll use it to point out, once again, that whatever problems baseball does have, a "lack of parity" or "the Yankees winning too much" ain't one of them.

  2. Also remember two of the largest media markets in the country cant watch the game, even if they wanted too…

  3. Well if you can see the you know how many times the Yankees and Phillies were mentioned in the past two games…tons of times…wish I counted.

  4. Maybe somebody who knows more about the business of television than I do can explain something to me: why would Fox care about what ratings the World Series gets in any one particular year?

    I mean, isn’t the only purpose of ratings to convince advertisers to buy ads? And don’t people who buy ads understand that the World Series, by its nature, will vary considerably in viewing from one year to the next based on who qualifies to play in it, a fact unknowable to anyone until a few days before it starts?

    So this year it’s Giants and Rangers. Next year it could be Yankees and Cubs and it’ll be a bonanza. Any intelligent person knows this, so isn’t the only thing that matters the average ratings over a number of years?

    Or is the economics of television advertising REALLY so formulaic that ad prices are driven down even when all those bargaining are aware that the conditions that caused them are unlikely to repeat?

  5. Damn Yankees Cubs? That might break WS records. Everyone knew this was gonna happen though, its the same for all 3 major sports. Except maybe the Superbowl, that things been marketed as an event beyond sports plus its only 1 game. Spurs Pistons had low ratings, Lakers//Celtics had high ratings. All the leagues want both or @ least 1 big market team in the finals.

    The causal fans dont care, the real fans of that particular sport will watch. Of course you can't blame sum1 for not watching if there fave team isn't in there or they dont have sum1 to really root against. I'm only going to watch once the Giants have won 3 games….well on the internet cause we're not getting fox anytime soon it seems here in NY