Jeterian Conclave begins at sunrise

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5 thoughts on “Jeterian Conclave begins at sunrise

  1. Mark Smith

    Can we get some green smoke if an agreement is reached?

  2. Taylor_C

    What are the best and worst case scenarios here? How many years is Jeter likely to look for, 4-5?

  3. The A-Rod contract was clearly done by committee, because no one person could ever be that dumb.

    • forged

      We have seen it all (good and bad) under George's ownership, so I wouldn't be so sure about that under his sons stewardship. We hope that smart baseball people influence the decisions, but at the end of the day owners sometimes make curious decisions with their money.

  4. moooose

    Two to three days of meetings? When we go past an hour I'm ready to shoot myself!

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