Short Leash On Phil

Ed Price checks in with an interesting tidbit after speaking to CC Sabathia: CC Sabathia says he is available in relief tomorrow for #Yankees. “I can probably throw 45 pitches, 50.” While I hope that the need for CC does not present itself and that Phil Hughes can hand a lead directly to the primary relievers, this bit of information does highlight the way Joe Girardi needs to manage Game 6. With CC available for about 2 innings and the entire bullpen rested, Joe Girardi needs to have a very quick hook with Phil Hughes. If Phil starts to look Continue reading Short Leash On Phil

CC "Bended," Didn't Break

CC Sabathia did not have his best stuff yesterday. In 6 long innings he allowed 11 hits, and frequently fell behind hitters because he could not locate most of his pitches. However, in the immortal words of Rangers manager Ron Washington, the Rangers had Sabathia bended, but he did not break. He did not walk any batters, and allowed just two extra base hits. In this way he was able to scatter baserunners over his 6 innings and allow just 2 runs. Let’s take a look at the key outs he got in this game and how he got them. Continue reading CC "Bended," Didn't Break

Sabathia dodges high-stakes sixth

Up until yesterday I haven’t felt such baseball-related anxiety since the 2004 postseason. My palms were actually sweating despite the Yankees having a 6-1 lead heading into the sixth. I suppose that’s the natural reaction for a fan watching his team teeter on the precipice of elimination. Unfortunately, my angst was not unwarranted and the Rangers proved that in the sixth inning. However, Yankees ace CC Sabathia was able to mitigate the damage and bring the game one step closer to Mariano Rivera. Here’s a breakdown of what transpired. Proven Yankee-Masher Vladimir Guerrero came to the plate. CC’s very first Continue reading Sabathia dodges high-stakes sixth

The 1958 Yankees

We’ve heard it a bunch of times over the last few days: the last time the New York Yankees were down 3-1 in a series was in the 1958 World Series, which they came back in and won. I’m not saying the 2010 Yankees are guaranteed to do that in the ALCS, but I’m still pretty confident in their chances. Yes, that’s pollyanna-ish optimism, but I don’t care. Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to delve into the 1958 Yankees and see what they were all about. The team featured a lot of recognizable names, led on the offensive side Continue reading The 1958 Yankees

Inside Sabathia's Game 5 outing

Though it wasn’t a vintage performance, CC Sabathia reminded everyone why he’s one of the best pitchers in the game last night, keeping the Rangers at bay over a two-run, six-inning performance, and extending the Yankees’ season by at least one more game. Regardless of what happens in this series, it was electrifying to see Sabathia put the team on his broad shoulders and limit the damage while the bats finally came alive, and I’m just glad there’s still more Yankee baseball to be played. Matt will have more later breaking down the critical sixth inning, but here’s an overall Continue reading Inside Sabathia's Game 5 outing


I was wondering when the real 2010 Yankees were finally gonna show up. The Yankees — riding a far-from-dominant but still-plenty-competitive outing by CC Sabathia — finally erupted on offense after a three-game stretch in which they scored only five runs, beating the Rangers 7-2 to stay alive for another game in the American League Championship Series. Sabathia gave the team six innings of seven-strikeout, two-run ball, significantly managing to limit the damage despite giving up 11 Ranger hits. C.J. Wilson was much less sharp than he’d been in Game 1, allowing six runs (five earned) over six innings, walking Continue reading Horse

ALCS Game Five: Rangers 2, Yankees 7

After three rather ugly games, the Yankees finally showed up to play Wednesday afternoon.  With CC Sabathia on the mound, the Yankee bats woke up after being missing in action the last couple days.  The Bombers leapt out to an early lead and maintained it as they won 7-2 and head back to Texas trailing the Rangers 3-2.

In the bottom of the second Alex Rodriguez worked a walk.  Lance Berkman drew a walk and Jorge Posada connected with a RBI single.  Curtis Granderson singled to right, bringing Berkman and Posada home and giving the Yankees a 3-0 lead.

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Changing The Narrative

See? What did I tell you? One Yankee win, and we’re all feeling better. Yes, our backs are still to the wall. But now there’s hope.

One Yankee win, and the narrative changes. Tear up the old story lines about how the Yankees had failed and did not stand a chance.

Here’s the new narrative, based on the few sources available this early to me:

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