Questions for the Hot Stove and Beyond

The official start of the Hot Stove season isn’t until after the World Series, but friends, it is never too early to start thinking about it. Steve hit on the top ten things the Yankees must do in the offseason earlier, so I won’t rehash something like that. Instead, I’m going to offer up a...

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Non-Yankees WS ratings down, so what?

Fox will make less this year than last but that doesn’t (immediately) impact baseball. It’s possible that a period of prolonged and signficant declines could adversely affect the price paid during the next network negotiation, but I highly doubt this occuring.  The World Series is a cornerstone to any network’s sports business and far to0 attractive for them to shortchange.

Last Friday’s defeat of the well-known, defending champion Yankees was not welcome for Fox as finalists San Francisco and Texas lack a similar national following. Last year’s World Series was the highest-rated since 2004.

Fox is going to be challenged,” said sports TV consultant Mike Trager, a former NBC Sports vice president. “They better hope that (series) goes six or seven games.”

MLB is and will continue to be an incredibly attractive property that will remain highly sought after whenever network negotiations are concerned.  The money won’t stop a’flowin’ so I’m not a’worryin’.  And if Fox isn’t worried, why should you (emphasis mine):

Fox, which will broadcast its 11th straight World Series, has sold all the ad spots for the Series’ first five games at rates said to be running at $450,000 per 30 seconds.

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Would trading for Dan Haren have changed the outcome of the Yankees' season?

On Wednesday, commenter Phil raised what I thought was a pretty interesting notion, one that I really hadn’t thought about at all since July — what if the Yankees had consummated...

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Girardi’s hits and misses

Chad Jennings over at LoHud recaps some of the decisions that did and didn’t work for the Yankee manager this season. I’ll go through them individually, with comments of my own. Here goes:

Three decisions that worked
Taking the fifth: Robinson Cano and Phil Hughes

Agree. It was time to challenge him entering his...

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Jose Guillen Linked to HGH; Barred from Post-Season?

Before diving into this question, let’s be clear on a few points. First, the Giants are not exactly missing Guillen’s presence in their lineup.  The guy hit only .266 in 42 games for the Giants, after being traded to SF by KC.  Second, we don’t know exactly what Bud Selig knows about this case, or communicated to the Giants. Third, if you’re looking for a poster boy for the cause that we’re all innocent until proven guilty, Jose Guillen may not be your first choice. He was listed as a user of performance-enhancing drugs in the Mitchell Report. Also, the SF Chronicle has previously reported that Guillen purchased $19,000 of HGH between 2002 and 2005.

But let’s get back to the original question. Can Bud Selig order a team to remove a player from its roster, based on the mere suspicion that the player might have received shipments of performance-enhancing drugs?

Maybe. Quite possibly.

We’re familiar with baseball players who have failed drug tests and received suspensions.…

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