Against a Cliff Lee Signing

[image title=”cliff_lee1″ size=”full” id=”22629″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]Cliff Lee is a really good pitcher. He’s become a modern-day Curt Schilling: dominating the playoffs unimaginably well. He is healthy. He has no makeup issues to worry about. But we still shouldn’t sign him.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Cliff Lee is going to make bank...

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Savers and Drainers, Pitcher Edition

We looked at the Yankee savers and drainers on the offensive side of things yesterday, so today, let’s look at the pitching side of things. Again, we’ll go top 9 guys in fWAR order.

1. CC Sabathia, 5.1 fWAR worth $20.4MM. Salary: $23MM. Value: -$2.6MM
2. Phil Hughes, 2.4 fWAR worth $9.5MM. Salary: $0.447MM. Value:...

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Positive storylines from the 2010 season

As we get further into the offseason I’ll be doing comprehensive rundowns of each individual player’s seasons, but for now I’d like to take a look at the Yankees’ 2010 year at...

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Wrapping Up 2010: What Went Wrong

A.J. Burnett & Javier Vazquez

Pretty sure I’m not going to get much of an argument on this one. After a solid enough year and some memorable postseason heroics in his first year as a Yankee, Burnett was just awful this season, pitching to a 5.26 ERA and 4.83 FIP over 186.2 IP. His 6.99 K/9 was also his lowest since 2001. Burnett is under contract for 3 more years, so getting him straightened out is going to have to be a major priority in the Winter and Spring. Does Kevin Long know anything about pitching?

As for Vazquez, while the Yankees were hoping he could at least reasonably approximate his stellar 2009 season as the team’s 4th starter, he was even worse than Burnett. When the wreckage settled after 157.1 IP, Vazquez was the proud owner of a 5.32 ERA and 5.68 FIP. It was easily the worst year of his career, but his contract is up and he most certainly won’t be a Yankee next year.…

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