Take The Poll: Lee or Jeter?

Tom Tango has a poll up at his excellent website in which he asks the following question: I AM a Yankees fan. My team has 150 million dollars to spend. I’d rather it go to: 1) Derek Jeter 2) Cliff Lee Tom is trying to determine how attached Yankees fans are to Jeter, and whether they would sacrifice him for Cliff Lee. 88.6% of voters chose Lee. Tom has a very “saber” oriented audience, and I wanted to see whether a more mainstream readership would reach the same conclusion. I think the 150 million number is obviously too high, so Continue reading Take The Poll: Lee or Jeter?

Yankees Reportedly Sign IFA CF Wilmer Romero

Wilmer Romero BP from Blake Bentley on Vimeo. According to Melissa Segura of SI, the Yankees have signed international free agent CF Wilmer Romero. The video above is a brief clip of Romero taking batting practice. Segura does not have bonus data as of yet, but “imagines it is significant.” Keith Law provided an encouraging scouting report on Romero prior to the July 2nd scouting period: Romero is a potential five-tool center/right fielder who takes a huge BP and has above-average speed and arm tools. But he is still extremely raw and has to go through MLB’s age verification process. Continue reading Yankees Reportedly Sign IFA CF Wilmer Romero

The Joba Chamberlain conundrum

Word spread like wildfire throughout the Yankee blogosphere yesterday that Joba Chamberlain will be officially relegated to relief work next season, presumably for the rest of his Yankee career. If this declaration is indeed true (and let’s face it, most of us have assumed this decision inevitable), it will finally signal the ridiculous conclusion to an absurd saga. The table below demonstrates how The Joba Experiment has progressed thus far. Year Age W L Win-Loss PercentageW / (W + L)For players, leaders need one decision for every ten team games.For managers, minimum to qualify for leading is 320 games.” align=”center”>W-L% Continue reading The Joba Chamberlain conundrum

Yanks sign Wilmer Romero

Courtesy of Melissa Segura from SI, (via Twitter):

Source: Yankees sign standout July 2 prospect Wilmer Romero, cf of DR’s La Academia. Don’t have bonus info now but imagine it’s significant

Who’s Wilmer Romero, you ask (as did I)? Per Keith Law:

Romero is a potential five-tool center/right fielder who takes a huge BP and has above-average speed and arm tools. But he is still extremely raw and has to go through MLB’s age verification process. As a result, he won’t sign as early as most of these other players.


Wilmer Romero, an outfielder from Santo Domingo, has the toolset to demand seven figures, writes Bentley. The previous unknown stands 6’2”, has good speed, a strong arm and plus power.

Romero was also ranked the #5 prospect coming out of the DR, by MLBTR.

I only half-jokingly asked Segura, via Twitter: @MelissaSeguraSI Yeah, but can he play short? Might need that in a few years

Her reply: @Jason_IIATMS July 2 prospects are so young; often switch positions a few times before–& if–they ever make MLB. OF Johan Santana, anyone? Continue reading Yanks sign Wilmer Romero

Yanks To Splurge On Free Agents?

Going into the 2008-2009 free agency period, it was pretty clear that the Yankees were going to make a big splash on the free agent market. The club had missed the playoffs in 2008, and had a number of contracts coming off the books. With a large need at the top of the rotation, it was clear that the team would make a run at CC Sabathia and either Derek Lowe or AJ Burnett. After signing Sabathia and Burnett and trading for Nick Swisher, it seemed like the Yankees were basically done retooling. However, Brian Cashman looked at the upcoming Continue reading Yanks To Splurge On Free Agents?

Money Savers and Drainers

As I like to do every season, I’m going to compare the Yankee players’ theoretical fWAR dollars to their actual salaries and see which players gave the Yankees the most value and which players drained the most money. We’ll do batters today and pitchers tomorrow. We’ll do the list in WAR order (nine highest), then we’ll sum it up at the end. 1. Robinson Cano, 6.4 fWAR worth $25.5MM. Salary: $9MM. Value: +$16.5MM 2. Brett Gardner, 5.4 fWAR worth $21.6 MM. Salary: $0.425MM. Value: +$21.175MM 3. Nick Swisher, 4.1 fWAR worth $16.4MM. Salary: $6.75MM. Value: +$9.65MM. 4. Alex Rodriguez, 3.9 Continue reading Money Savers and Drainers

Playoff expansion possible

Some good news and some dumb news:

The new head of the players’ union says his members are open to adding more wild-card teams for 2012 and possibly extending the division series to a best-of-seven.

Now, if I were a player, I’d want an extra shot at making the playoffs for two reasons that immediately come to mind:

  1. Mo’ money
  2. Mo’ chances at surviving the crapshoot

Increasing the LDS’ to seven games from the current five is a good thing. The favorites should have a better shot at advancing and the seven game series gives that more of a likelihood. However, the addition of a second wildcard team in each league is a bad idea. Just because the other guys do it doesn’t make it right, Bud. You have a good thing working here; adding more to it doesn’t make it “more good“, got it?

(click “view full post” to read more) Continue reading Playoff expansion possible

Defending Brian Cashman’s offseason moves

The Yankees held their end-of-season press conference yesterday. From Cliff Lee to Derek Jeter, most of the conference’s subject matter was to be expected. One thing surprised me, though. Brian Cashman confessed that he felt he had a poor offseason heading into 2010. The results of Cashman’s efforts may have been subpar, but let me state it clearly: Brian Cashman and the Yankees had an excellent offseason between 2009 and 2010. Cashman is confusing inputs with outputs. At worst, Cashman was too self-deprecating in the press conference, but it was wiser to say he’d had a bad offseason than to Continue reading Defending Brian Cashman’s offseason moves

When Good Fans Go Bad

No, it won’t ever stop. Yanks fans, Phillies fans, RedSox fans will continue to do battle for the worst fan reputations in baseball (all sports?) if you believe all the press. Truth is, a few knuckleheads will forever ruin it for the rest of us. And evidently, those knuckleheads got the best of Mrs. Cliff Lee:

Perhaps the Rangers’ greatest sales pitch simply was having Kristen sit in the visiting family section at Yankee Stadium during the playoffs. She says there were ugly taunts. Obscenities. Cups of beer thrown. Even fans spitting from the section above.

The fans did not do good things in my heart,” Kristen says.

When people are staring at you, and saying horrible things, it’s hard not to take it personal.”

Nice work, guys.

UPDATE: There’s been a lot of “Fans Behavior Will Keep Lee Out of NY” rants on twitter. Overblown. And blogfather Pete Abraham sorta nails it (via Twitter):

Just a wild hunch, but I bet C. Lee’s wife feels a lot better about the #Yankees when they offer her husband $35M more than Texas

Continue reading When Good Fans Go Bad