Take The Poll: Lee or Jeter?

Tom Tango has a poll up at his excellent website in which he asks the following question:

I AM a Yankees fan. My team has 150 million dollars to spend. I’d rather it go to:

1) Derek Jeter

2) Cliff Lee

Tom is trying to determine how attached Yankees fans are to Jeter, and whether they would sacrifice...

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The Joba Chamberlain conundrum

Word spread like wildfire throughout the Yankee blogosphere yesterday that Joba Chamberlain will be officially relegated to relief work next season, presumably for the rest of his Yankee career.

If this...

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Yanks To Splurge On Free Agents?

Going into the 2008-2009 free agency period, it was pretty clear that the Yankees were going to make a big splash on the free agent market. The club had missed the playoffs in 2008, and had a number of contracts coming off the books. With a large need at the top of the rotation, it...

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Money Savers and Drainers

As I like to do every season, I’m going to compare the Yankee players’ theoretical fWAR dollars to their actual salaries and see which players gave the Yankees the most value and which players drained the most money. We’ll do batters today and pitchers tomorrow.

We’ll do the list in WAR order (nine highest), then we’ll...

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Playoff expansion possible

This is faulty logic:

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig appears to be increasingly in favor of proposing more playoff teams during collective bargaining with the union next year, which will determine the postseason format for 2012 and beyond.

We have less teams than any other sport,” he said last month. “We certainly haven’t abused anything.”

Great, let’s compare ourselves to basketball (“we’re so top-heavy that letting the crappy teams in doesn’t make a big deal, just mo’ money“), hockey (“everyone gets in“) and football (“look, we allow mediocre .500 or worse teams a chance in a one-and-done scenario“).  Mr. Selig, I implore you not to follow what those other league are doing and have faith in the quality of your own product. Don’t be a slave to the ratings game. Your business has survived the recession with ever-increasing revenues.  You will top $7 billion in 2010, in all likelihood.  Do not water down the post-season tournament!…

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Defending Brian Cashman’s offseason moves

The Yankees held their end-of-season press conference yesterday. From Cliff Lee to Derek Jeter, most of the conference’s subject matter was to be expected. One thing surprised me, though. Brian Cashman confessed that he felt...
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