Jeter and Close meet; no word if ‘reality juice’ served

We’re still waiting to see the puffs of white smoke eminating from Yankee Stadium, but at least Jeter and his agent Casey Close are sitting down and chatting:

The two sides had not spoken in several days. The Yankees have made Jeter a three-year, $45 million offer. Jeter, according to the New York Times, wants a four- or five-year deal worth $23 million to $24 million per season.

The extent that each side is willing to compromise is not known, but the expectation throughout the industry is that Jeter will remain with the Yankees.

No word if the “reality juice” was served but “sources close to the negotiations” indicate graham crackers and Hi-C were offered.

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Greinke, a change of heart?

From all-around good guy and fellow ‘Cuse grad Jeff Passan, some interesting stuff out of the Greinke-land:

Though Kansas City starter Zack Greinke has a no-trade clause in his contract that includes the Yankees and other big-market teams, a source close to the right-hander suggested he would happily pitch anywhere that would provide a winning team.

“I wouldn’t put it past him to go to New York,” the source said. “I don’t think he’d rule out anybody. He says he likes New York. Especially because they’re winners. He wants to go to a team that wins.

“He’s got a list, but in the process, a lot of people have lists.”

It’ll be tough now that the team has effectively decided that the starting catcher’s gig will be Jesus Montero’s to lose, but if the team loses out on the Cliff Lee money dump, there’s a Plan B out there. What, you were thinking Pavano, Part Duh?

Me, I’d rather just see the Brinks truck arrive in Arkansas, dump a pile on Lee’s front lawn and say: “Does this do it for you?” and have Cashman in the passenger seat, contract in hand. Better than trading the farm. It’s just money, afterall. Continue reading Greinke, a change of heart?

Cashman to elf himself, literally

I just might have to attend this personally*:

Cashman is scheduled to rappel from the 350-foot Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn., Friday and Sunday as part of the Stamford’s Heights and Lights event as a celebrity guest elf.

Wearing a full harness and dressed in an elf costume, according to Stamford Downtown president Sandy Goldstein, Cashman will jump off the 22-floor building. There is no protective netting, a spokesperson for the event said.

Can I give a pre-emptive complaint from Yankeeville: “What, Cash? You’ve got extra time on your hands? Get Lee, Mo, Pettitte and Jeter signed already!

*who’s with me?

[picture courtesy of NYMag]

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Hank Bauer, a good guy

This has absolutely nothing to do with any of the contract machinations going on or, quite frankly, anything whatsoever related to the news of the moment. It is simply a note my dad received from the late Hank Bauer back in 1985 after attending the Mantle/Ford fantasy camp. Maybe there’s something to the “good old days” after all, besides grainy black and white footage and Mel Allen.
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Looking At Mo and Joba

Two interesting articles regarding the two most important Yankee relievers were published today. The first (from RLYW) is about Mariano Rivera, and bodes well for 2011: It’s a good bet he will need to be used less and less frequency because a 40-41 year old body just doesn’t recover like one that’s 30. That’s a legitimate point in discussing Rivera’s value, because value is not just about rate of performance. You’re not very valuable if you aren’t pitching. Just because he’s now turned 40, there’s very little reason in his statistical record to think that he’s about to fall off Continue reading Looking At Mo and Joba

Closers and the Hall of Fame

To me, the most interesting new name on the 2011 Hall of Fame ballot (which has no shortage of debatable, interesting candidates) is John Franco. His career numbers: Year Age Tm Lg W L ERA G GF SV IP H R ER HR BB SO ERA+ WHIP SO/BB 21 Seasons 90 87 2.89 1119 774 424 1245.2 1166 466 400 81 495 975 138 1.333 1.97 162 Game Avg. 5 5 2.89 68 47 26 76 71 28 24 5 30 59 138 1.333 1.97 Provided by View Original Table Generated 11/30/2010. As far as closers go, Franco was Continue reading Closers and the Hall of Fame

Steve Strasburg, Pink Jerseys and the Derek Jeter Saga

The following is a guest post from David Meadvin, who previously penned “A common-sense approach to contracts” and “The Strasburg experience from someone who was there” for Yankeeist. Two days after Stephen Strasburg made his record-breaking debut for the Washington Nationals this past summer, my friend’s one-year-old girl was tottering around the house in a brand-new #37 jersey. She wasn’t alone. In fact, I was at that first start vs. the Pirates on June 8th. Before the last out was recorded, the line to the team’s clubhouse shop stretched practically around the concourse, and the next day, it seemed like Continue reading Steve Strasburg, Pink Jerseys and the Derek Jeter Saga

Discussion: Pettitte Or Jeter?

We’ve already had something similar to this here at TYU. You can still see it over on the sidebar: If the Yankees could only afford one of the two, which one would you want them to select: Cliff Lee or Derek Jeter? Today, I come with a similar question. Let’s throw out all the contract demands. Let’s throw out all the talk we’ve heard since the season ended about both players and where they’ll be in 2011 (for now at least) Let’s also make some assumptions: 1. Each player wants just a one year contract. 2. Each player wants the Continue reading Discussion: Pettitte Or Jeter?