Looking At Mo and Joba

Two interesting articles regarding the two most important Yankee relievers were published today. The first (from RLYW) is about Mariano Rivera, and bodes well for 2011:

It’s a good bet he will need to be used less and less frequency because a 40-41 year old body just doesn’t recover like one that’s 30...

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Closers and the Hall of Fame

To me, the most interesting new name on the 2011 Hall of Fame ballot (which has no shortage of debatable, interesting candidates) is John Franco. His career numbers:

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Steve Strasburg, Pink Jerseys and the Derek Jeter Saga

The following is a guest post from David Meadvin, who previously penned “A common-sense approach to contracts” and “The Strasburg experience from someone who was there” for Yankeeist.

Two days...

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Discussion: Pettitte Or Jeter?

We’ve already had something similar to this here at TYU. You can still see it over on the sidebar: If the Yankees could only afford one of the two, which one would you want them to select: Cliff Lee or Derek Jeter?

Today, I come with a similar question. Let’s throw out all the contract demands...

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