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7 thoughts on “2010 AL Gold Glove winners; Yanks infield hauls in three!

  1. Idiocy of the very highest order. The Gold Glove is the most meaningless prize the human mind has concocted since we created the office of Vice President of the United States.

    As a Yankees fan, I _hate_ this. It means more garbage about the transcendent greatness of Derek Jeter and less room for rational fandom. Can we please start letting BBWAA choose the Gold Gloves? Any year now would be great.

  2. Almost swept the infield..i think the closest ss had 20 errors with .974 fielding% and
    Jeter has 6 errors with .989%..whatever it may be …i think Cano and Tex definetly earned their award. And Jeter had made one nice play against Oakland in yankee staduim if that helps lol

  3. No Sabrina I'm afraid that doesnt help one iota. Jeter absolutely does NOT deserve that award. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, he's the friggin' capn forgoshsakes! But foreals sabrina, take a gander at some of the more advanced fielding metrics like TotalZone or UZR and you will see that Jeter has never really played a very strong SS. He deserves maybe one of his five Gold Gloves.

  4. Cano has a legitimate argument at second. I'll even grant you Tex is in the conversation at first. Jeter, no way! As a Yankee fan, I love the guy. HUGE part of the Yankee success; they don't have 5 rings without him. But no way! I will tell you one Yankee who should have won the Gold Glove, Gardner. They rarely get this award right. Why should we be surprised?

  5. The only solace we can take in this is that 2010 Derek Jeter is no 1999 Rafael Palmeiro ("I played 28 games at 1B and all I got was this lousy Gold Glove Award…")

    I'd still say this is a better group of voters than the ones that gave Yasser Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize…