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3 thoughts on “Further evidence not required

  1. In a warped, sad way, that kinda makes sense. If you learn all of your technique from the #117 catcher, but are younger and less experienced – you're likely to fare a bit worse, Like, say, #119.

    Somehow, I'm guessing Montero can't be much worse than worst in the league.

    And as you mentioned en passant, one can only be surprised that Jorge didn't get a Golden Glove for his performance.

  2. Maybe I'm missing what happened, but weren't we supposed to be sold on Cervelli as a defensive specialist? I'm very surprised he finished THIS low because he seemed to be great at blocking balls in the dirt, but then again, I was comparing him to Posada.

    Jorge is one of my all-time favorite Yankees, but I would be more than pleased to see Montero push himself into the starting lineup. I just hope that the reasonable Yanks fans can quell the mass expectation that he's going to hit right out of the gate.

  3. We have to be a bit cautious when it comes to advanced defensive measures of a catcher's defensive skills. We know that the objective measure of a catcher's defensive ability is a difficult thing to do. There was no UZR for catchers until recently because (according to Dave Cameron in 2008) "evaluating catcher defense is something we’re simply not very good at." http://bit.ly/dsjNHH. At the moment, the only aspect of catcher defense incorporated into FanGraphs' calculation of WAR is stolen base runs saved. http://bit.ly/b2xDsZ.

    You have to be wary of any catcher defense rating system that has Jason Varitek ranked # 20 (within the top 20%). Something's wrong there. No one is going to argue with Yadier Molina at # 1, but they have Pudge Rodriguez ranked #2. That makes no sense, unless you're ranking catchers based on 1998 statistics. They have Kurt Suzuki at # 106, and I've always thought that he was a pretty good catcher. Suzuki finished third in this year's Fielding Bible voting for best fielding catcher. You can find other significant discrepancies between the Fielding Bible voting and the rankings in Beyond the Box Score (Pudge Rodriguez, Russell Martin).

    The system of advanced defensive matrices is welcome, but it also has some way to go. You still have to measure these rankings against common sense. My view is that Posada deserves his Beyond the Box Score rating, but I'm not convinced that Cervelli is really a league-worst catcher, any more than I'm convinced that Suzuki is in the bottom 15% of MLB catchers.