If Levine is in control, this WILL be ugly

UPDATE: Seems that an initial three year offer is forthcoming, and that offer has some built-in headroom:

The expectation is the Yankees will offer something in the three-year, $45 million range, which will create some negotiating room to climb toward $57 million to $60 million on a three-year deal or perhaps go to a fourth-year option or a straight fourth year as a way to reach a settlement. Of course, that is assuming Jeter finds that range acceptable.

The will is there to get it done,” Yankees president Randy Levine said. “And I believe there is a way.”

I’m good with this. This is precisely the range I have been discussing (along with many others).  If Jeter holds out for $21+ million and a minimum of four years, I’ll be disappointed.  I want Jeter back to finish his career but the mistake of the ARod contract can’t be duplicated just because he’s “Derek Jeter, Face Of The Franchise”.  Let’s hope the middle ground is found and is acceptable to all… and that it’s found soon so we can stop this song-and-dance.

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6 thoughts on “If Levine is in control, this WILL be ugly

  1. I'm not sure why Levine "is a bully" but certainly I think the Yanks have to draw a line somewhere with DJ just like they had to with Bernie when his time was up. I am not looking forward to even the next 3 years of DJ playing sub-par defense, and if his batting this season was no fluke the Yanks could be in real trouble. Why would any Yankee fan want to see 20+ million in salary diverted to a now sub-average SS when some of that money could go towards bolstering the rotation or pen? Sentimentality is fine, but I enjoy watching the Yankees play well – Old Timers Day is to celebrate the past. DJ would do well to accept a 3 year deal from the Yanks and retire before his play makes him embarrass himself.

  2. Levine is a bully, period. His past has shown this to be true.

    I'm on record many, many times here Ben about balancing Jeter's demands with practicality. I'm fine with overpaying for all his Jeterness, but within reason.

    If Jeter insists on $25m a year for 4 years, I'm OK letting him go. I will still love Jeter for all the things he's done and been the last 16 years, but at some point there's a line. Jeter's ego is the source of his excellent career but if it gets in the way of rationality, that's his problem.

  3. The real question is, is Jeter even going to command $15 mil a year on the open market? I really don't think he is, I guess I just don't see his leverage for bargaining and I feel like at the end of the day he's going to realize that. The Yankees just need to make sure that they're not bidding against themselves, find a hard line, stick with it and realize that no one is coming close to it.

  4. If I were calling the shots, I think I would lean toward offering a 3 year contract with mutual options for a 4th (and maybe 5th year if it becomes a sticking point). But I wouldn't guarantee those last 2 years. A lot can happen in 3 years. (Perhaps with some sort of buy-out if the options aren't exercised because he has decided to hang it up?)

    As has been mentioned previously, it doesn't seem likely that the actual $$/year is going to be the sticking point in the negotiations … rather the length of the deal.

  5. "The real question is, is Jeter even going to command $15 mil a year on the open market?"
    No…. except MAYBE there is one contender who is in desparate need of a SS, who goes 1/$15m.
    My guess is market value is in the 2/$22m and at most, 3/$30m.

    The Yankees are bidding against themselves.
    Can you imagine what would happen to Jeter's rep if the Yankees stood firm on 3/$45m, Jeter was insulted and went to another team for 2/$22m or 3/$30m.???

    The fans would turn on him in a second.
    Jeter has ZERO leverage.
    I go 3/$45m with a mutual option for a 4th year at $10m and a $5m buyout.
    That's $50m, WAY more then he's worth, and a 4th year that would cost the Yankees only $5m, in the event there are other records 1 year away.

    I'm calling it.
    Jeter is being very selfish.
    He knows his real value and is pushing for DOUBLE.
    So much for Mr. Team First!

  6. At the end of the day I think Jeter will stay in NY, and I think the Yanks are bidding against themselves too. Jeter has been a fine player for a number of years, but he has seen better days. I say 3 years with an option for a fourth, maybe $45 for 3, no higher then 50.

    The only other point I'll make is that the yanks have already set the presidence with A-Rod, he is signed till he is 42. Don't tell me that he will be the same player at 40 that he was at 30, not going to happen unless you are taking juice like Barry Bonds was. Just look at A-Rod power numbers this year.