Yanks tap Rothschild to be new pitching coach

About 20 minutes ago, the Yankees announced that Larry Rothschild, former pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs, will be filling the same position for the Yankees for the next 3 years.  Rothschild will take the place of Dave Eiland, who was not rehired after a bumpy 2010 season.  Unlike Eiland, Rothschild brings significant experience as a major league pitching coach to the table, having held the position in Chicago since 2002.  He has also worked with the Braves and Marlins in the past, as well as managing the Rays.  I’m typing from some mediocre wifi right now so more in-depth analysis will have to wait, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that the Yankees went for an experienced, well-respected major league coach after the Dave Eiland experience did not work out.  This announcement came out of left field, but ninja-like moves such as this one have become the norm for Brian Cashman.

9 thoughts on “Yanks tap Rothschild to be new pitching coach

  1. Lohud has an interesting look-it seems he improves both strikeout and walk numbers. More K’s and fewer BB’s is a formula I like. If he can get AJ to get back to near where he was in Toronto,,,

  2. I’ve never heard of it either and it’s pretty fascinating what they made the candidates do. I’m sure it caught some if not all of them off guard lol  

    Rothschild seemed surprised including saying in all the years he’s done this he’s never even heard of an interview like that before, Cashman really seems to be in control of the situation for one of the first times since being GM. Nobodies peering over his shoulder, negating moves, forcing moves upon him and he seems to be flourishing.