The Yankees' Top 10 WPA Games of 2010

Following up on yesterday’s Top 10 WPA Swings of 2010 post, today we’ll take a look at the Yankees’ Top 10 WPA Games of this past season.

As you might expect, the list has a fair amount of overlap with the top individual plays list, but by adjusting our criteria to full games we also get to include pitchers, namely CC Sabathia.

Here are the Yankees’ Top 10 WPA Games from 2010:

The September 17 game featuring Alex Rodriguez‘s go-ahead, eventual game-winning winning blast off Koji Uehara — which was the second-highest individual WPA swing — was the Yankees’ top WPA game in 2010, due to the fact that A-Rod also hit a solo homer earlier in that contest.

Nick Swisher‘s huge July 16 game, which I was surprised to see not make it to the individual plays list, obviously shows up here, considering Swish had both the game-tying and game-winning hits in the Yankees’ first game after the death of The Boss.

The September 8 walk-off game against Uehara checks in at third on this list for Swish, though his blast was the single-biggest WPA swing on the year as we saw yesterday.

Robinson Cano‘s biggest overall game came on July 31 against Tampa Bay, when he hit the go-ahead HR in Tampa against Rafael Soriano.

CC Sabathia shows up twice on this list, with the first instance being his utterly masterful eight-shutout-inning domination of the Rays, which was unfortunately matched practically pitch for pitch by David Price, in a tense game the Yankees would go on to lose. In fact, that’s the only game on this list that resulted in a Yankee loss. Sabathia’s second-biggest WPA game was on September 2 against Oakland, in another eight-shutout-inning masterpiece in which CC basically made the A’s look like a bunch of little leaguers. Seriously, they mustered up one lousy hit and only got four balls out of the infield.

Unsurprisingly the A-Rod and Marcus Thames dual two-run jacks against Boston on May 17 both make appearances on this list. And Derek Jeter and A-Rod round the list out; with Derek’s biggest game of the season coming back on April 29 against the White Sox, while A-Rod’s third entry on this list coming in the Seattle game on July 8 that also showed up in yesterday’s post.

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