Touching on Mo

While we at TYU have spilled a lot of virtual ink over the Derek Jeter contract, we’ve seldom touched on the Mariano Rivera contract situation. The negotiations have gotten much less press than the Jeter ones, so let’s check in.

Last we heard, Mariano Rivera wanted a two year contract. Last night, we learned that the Yankees want to offer Rivera a one year deal, though.

According to that piece from MLBTR, Rivera wants not only a two year deal, but a raise from his $15MM salary.

I’m of the opinion that, overall, these negotiations will go more smoothly than the Jeter ones have so far, but I think Rivera is going to need to back down a bit here. He, apparently, wants a deal for two years worth $36MM, which would be (obviously) $18MM a year.

Mariano may be the best closer around, but that is a little much. $15MM for a closer is a lot to begin with; a raise on top of that is just exorbitant. Because of how well Rivera keeps himself in shape and how well he knows his body, I’m comfortable giving him a two year contract. In this, I’m on the opposite side from the Jeter situation.

As I’ve said in prior posts, there are two devils in contract negotiations: the Years Devil and the Salary Devil. With Jeter, I’m willing to give in to the Salary Devil. With Rivera, I’m willing to give in to the Years Devil.

Mo knows his body well and keeps himself in incredible shape. Because of that, I don’t mind giving him a two year contract. However, $18MM is too much for a reliever…any reliever. I think, eventually, the Yankees and Rivera will settle on a 2/$32 contract–Mo gets his years and his raise, though at a more “reasonable” (I’m using that term loosely) rate.

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3 thoughts on “Touching on Mo

  1. These athletes who cry about “respect” and mistreatment by teams in the negotiations process kill me. I work for an agency that employs just under 20 people and has a budget of 1 million dollars. How can any fan look at any player – get that, PLAYER of GAMES – and side with that player in his dispute over a few million dollars per year. Especially in this economic environment – how many thousands of NYY fans don’t have jobs at all right now!! Of course I get it, these guys are entertainers and their parent teams make gobs of money due to their efforts, but come on, Derek, get a grip! You have been paid nearly $200 million to play a game the past decade or so; you have been made rich and famous beyond imagination. Take your pittance of $15 – $17 million per year for 3 years and move on. Quit belly aching through your agent!

  2. I would not give Mo 2 years at 30 M or more. I think the injury risk to Mo over the next 2 years is more significant than you do. Although he hasn’t seen a decline in performance, he has suffered minor injuries that have started to limit the number of innings he pitches and how he is used. For example, they are more reluctant to use him for multiple inning appearances and he often needs extra days off. Going into his age 41 and 42 seasons I would expect the occasional minor injuries to continue, and I also think there is a not insignificant risk of a more serious injury. Also, although I think it is likely that Mo will remain dominant when healthy, I think there is also a chance of a performance decline. For me that is too much risk for 60 innings a year for an over 40 closer – even the best closer ever. I would offer arbitration and try to sign him on a one year deal.

    • What kind of raise would he get in arbitration? 17-19 mil I mean he probably has the best case one could make besides age.