Two Mo Years? Done. Next? *UPDATED*

Though, Craig raised an excellent point as a throw-away line:

…we probably know less about Mariano Rivera than we know about any all-time elite athlete in history

Truer words were never spoken. had a story out last October that I reviewed here; it’s worth reading again.

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6 thoughts on “Two Mo Years? Done. Next? *UPDATED*

  1. jay_robertson

    re Craig's quote – do you think its true? Is Mo REALLY an android?

    • Jason@IIATMS

      He might be. if not for his TJS earlier in his career, I might conclude that he’s some crazy alloy-infused cyborg.

      what I said over at HBT:

      Mo does not hang out. He simply elevates and levitates and his aura glows a brilliant hue of yellowish orangish purple. He neither sweats nor eats. Neither sleeps nor worries. He exists only in an etherial sense, far beyond what we, and cyborgs, can only imagine.

      And he throws a badass cutter.


  2. so this deal shud be done by today? or @ least 30seconds from my post? I mean how much is there to discuss really?

  3. Tamar@IIATMS

    Seriously, this is a no brainer!

  4. Sabrina

    Sign Mo..there should be a duhh button too!

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