A Modest Proposal for Derek

Some fans have argued that the Yanks are treating Derek unfairly, saying “How can you give all that money to A-Rod and NOT pay Derek?” and they’re right. We should treat both of these players exactly the same. Hence, I would like to propose the following clause be added to Derek Jeter’s contract:

An additional performance bonus of $6 mil plus a $30 mil marketing agreement for each of the following milestones-
-Passes 500 Home Runs
-Passes 600 Home Runs
-Hits HR #714, 755 and 762

Just like Alex.

(h/t to Dirty Pena of RAB)

0 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal for Derek

  1. Lol. i get the point. But having 3k hits does seem pretty cool as well. Anyway, my take is that i think 3/45 does sound pretty reasonable. And other teams are unlikely to be as generous. If he truly is the captain, he will understand that his team needs the money to strengthen the team (point that cashman was quoted to be making) as well. I would love to see Jeter in pinstripes, but if money’s all he’s concerned with, then maybe Jeter’s no longer the Jeter i know…..

  2. Heh. I loved Hank’s comment: “Some of these players have more money than their employers.”
    It would be nice if Jeter showed the class and dignity that Halladay showed Philly – rich enough is rich enough. Oh, and Halladay isn’t on the steep downslope of his career that Jeter is.

  3. The overwhelming sentiment in fan comments that I’m reading across the blogs is anti-Jeter, that is, believes the Yankee offer to be quite generous. This confirms my sense that any anti-Yankee backlash will be a short-lived, media-generated phenomenon. And I think the Yankee organization (which reads these blogs, too, as part of its due diligence of fan mood) sees the same thing.

  4. ….and tell him to hit 3 or 4 in lineup for the first time in his career. If the Yankees end up paying him near 20m/yr then what was the point of letting him play for his contract this past year and not signing him sooner.

    Question, if Jeter does sign with another team how do the Yankees replace all those outs?

  5. I rarely root for the owners in any negotiation-especially when it’s union vs owners. What Jeter’s agent is saying may be negotiating, but he’s asking for a lot more than ‘more’.
    3/$45 is an extremely generous offer for Jeter. It’s a lot ‘more’ than anyone else is willing to pay him. Allowing his agent to use the word ‘baffled’ in re that offer is way across the line.