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6 thoughts on “So it’s not $25 million/year; it’s only $23-24 million/year

  1. If this stuff is true they should go out and get themselves a proven shortstop for a third of the money. Then they could get Crawford and Lee!

  2. i using the duhh button here, Jason..cashman hitting it..duhhhh dont pay that price…wait it out.

  3. good bye derek…it has been a wonderful ride and you will always be associated with greatness and great Yankee teams…but take your ego and BS "it's just about the team" marketing spin and go bounce into inning-ending double plays somewhere else…people used to view your demeanor as "intensely private"…now more fans see that act was just a guy who didn't ever care about anyone but himself and his image…if you were such a great leader and captain, why did Cash have to go out and sign CC and Swish to "repair our broken clubhouse"?

  4. A reminder, people. Someone has to play SS next year. Right now, the choices are Jeter, Nunez and Pena. Nunez is completely unproven; Pena is proven only as a backup; either is a likely 3-4 win per season dropoff from what Jeter would probably produce. There are no decent SS options in free agency, and any options available via trade will be expensive and cost us prospects.

    Even at his 2010 level, there are only two shortstops in baseball who are obviously superior to Jeter: Tulowitski and Ramirez.

    I fully understand why the Yankees would push to make the best deal they can make. I understand a little better why Jeter would push to make the best deal he can make; the Yankees should be the dominant financial force in baseball for generations, while Jeter's career as a multi-million dollar baseball player only has a short time remaining.

    Jeter's contract proposal is not greedy. If Jeter was truly greedy, he would have held out after his MVP-quality season of 2009, and demanded a new contract while he had the most leverage. It is not greedy to ask to be paid at the same level of your superstar teammates (none of whom — not Teixeira, not A-Rod — had great years in 2010). It is not greedy in the capitalist US of A to ask for a lot of money, or even to hope to get it.

    Jeter's contract proposal MAY be unrealistic, or seem so. But Jeter is well-represented, by the same agent who got Ryan Howard HIS huge payday. Both sides here know what they are doing, and both sides need to get THIS deal done. Negotiations have gotten ugly, which surprises me. But Jeter would sign with another team only at a substantial discount from what the Yankees are offering, and the Yankees probably win 3-4 fewer games next year without Jeter. Again, there are professionals working to solve this problem. My advice is to let the pros do their work, and focus elsewhere.