Looks like Tulo really wants to be like Jeter

Oh, and from that Feb 9, 2001 article, said Randy Levine:

“This was an arduous process. This is an agreement that’s a fair agreement and a great agreement for everybody.”

Wonder if we’re going to get a repeat of this soon?  Sure would be nice.

So said Jeter:

“Being the highest paid is not something I covet. If that was the case, I would have waited another year and maximized my earning potential, so to speak. […] “I couldn’t picture it. I really felt there was no reason to see if the grass was greener on the other side. Even if I had played out the year, my first choice would have been New York.”

We’ll see if this is repeated, too.

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4 thoughts on “Looks like Tulo really wants to be like Jeter

  1. "An early congrats to Tulo if he indeed signs a 10-year deal. He’s got a heckuva role model to follow, on and off the field."

    OK, but WTF are the Rox thinking? Didn't he still have *three* years left on the *existing* contract?

    • Yes, but three years from now, the need to replace Jeter would be pretty obvious to everyone. Even Jeter. Now, let me think a minute – what team always has enough money to sign whatever free agent they want?……

      If true, smart move on the Rockies' part. If the Yankees want him down the line, they'll have to trade, and the Rockies will get something in return.

      • That's a great line of thinking, Jay, but would make far more sense if there was a single year left on his contract. Why take such an unnecessary risk? (Hey, if Tulo were so anxious to replace Jeter in the Bronx, he would have rejected any extension offer.)