Big Red giggles at something remarkably dumb

And the damage to the RedSox budget would be equally inestimable, Big Red. The RedSox have ample resources at their disposal and we also are more than well aware that they guys running the club are not prone to childish fits of impetuousity.  Maybe John Henry also has a similar giggle-fit over this idea and calls Theo to float the idea. I’m willing to bet Theo would bark him off that tree pretty darn fast.  Theo (and John Henry) wants to win and that includes beating the Yanks, but this would not be the way to do it.

Cashman would not match some sort of “offer him the world” deal that Big Red is proposing.  Maybe if this ship was run by Hank and it was 2007 it might work, but not today.  Perhaps the Sox might make a token offer to tempt Jeter but it sure won’t be over what the Yanks are offering.  That’s a game of chicken that the Sox have no interest in playing.

Sox fans out there, are you willing to overpay Jeter and lose Werth/Crawford just to “stick it to us“?

UPDATE: Even Boston Globe-teammate and former Yankee Blogfather Pete Abe had to comment about this and did his best not to laugh in Big Red’s face (even if it was Pete Abe himself who jokingly started this weeks ago):

As a sportswriter who would enjoy the circus, I agree with Dan’s notion that the Sox should sign Jeter. It would be a lot of fun to cover. But as a baseball pragmatist, it makes little sense to invest a lot of money in a 36-year-old shortstop who have never played so much as one inning at another position since he was in Little League.

If anything, it would benefit the Red Sox for the Yankees to sign Jeter to a multi-year deal for a lot of money.

Thanks again, Big Red, for the laughs.

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5 thoughts on “Big Red giggles at something remarkably dumb

  1. I for one would not be pissed if this happens. Much as I want Jeter to retire in a Yankee uniform (and not for a few years yet), I would laugh my ass off if Boston did this.

  2. This is just a cynical column by a guy desperate to stay relevant. As is usually the case with desperation moves, it does just the opposite.

  3. Sounds like a great move to me. Have the Sox sign Jeter to a 6 year contract at, say, 25 mil/year. While they're at it, give Big Papi a couple more years – and what the heck, give him a raise too.

    I like it. There's a better chance that I'll be the Yankees shortstop next year, but I still like it.

  4. Another aging sportswriter past him prime trying to stay relevant in the world of the dying newspaper!