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18 thoughts on “Greinke, a change of heart?

  1. How has Greinke pitched in New York to this point in his career?

    (Not so much the wins/losses, because after all he is pitching for the Royals, but other indicators of how he would fare in Yankee Stadium … )

  2. If they could get Greinke without giving up Montero, I'd say go for it whether they sign Lee or not. Of course, that's a big if.

  3. CC, Lee, Pettite, Huges, AJ dont see a spot or need for Grienke.


    Lee or Pettite dosent sign sure there is an opening and a need but is the cost for getting Grienke is worth it?

    Personally i prefer to get Grienke than pay Lee 6 year contract…

  4. I would imagine Greinke is pretty freaking tired of having Yuniesky Betancourt behind him every time he pitches. Not that the Yankees infield defense is unstoppable, but I can see how he might like things like run support and winning.

  5. I'd just like to put the lid on the sheer amount of ignorant talk about anxiety disorders and depression this story brings out.