Rotation Options Dwindling

Joel Sherman still believes the Yankees are the favorite to land Cliff Lee, which as Cliff Corcoran notes, has become increasingly important:

Last Thursday I took a look at the available free agent starting pitchers not named Cliff Lee or Andy Pettitte and boiled it down to four viable alternatives for the Yankees in...

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Baseball Infamy: John Dillinger – From the Bushes to Robbing Banks

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog. It is the beginning of a series on infamous historical figures who also had a notable association with baseball.)

When the notorious bandit Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, legend has it that he matter-of-factly replied, “It’s where the money is”. When Cliff Lee eventually signs his...

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Taking The Joba Time Machine

Brian Cashman finally ended the Joba debate yesterday by calling the starting experiment over. Ben Kabak does a great job summing up what went wrong, and the internet is rife with people explaining how the Yankees should have handled matters. However, it seems that some of those opinions are based on hindsight, as I...

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Doing Diligence on Upton and Feliciano

Yesterday, we heard that the Yankees were checking in on left handed relief pitcher Pedro Feliciano, as well as newly available right fielder The Justin Upton. On some level, both players make sense for the Yankees.

Feliciano is a lefty reliever who, shockingly enough, kills lefties. Justin Upton is my age and has already established himself...

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The Yankees’ Budget

OK, sure: the Yankees’ “budget” is often pictured as a mythological creature like the Loch Ness Monster – there’s occasional evidence for the existence of such things, but no confirmed sightings.  The alleged existence of a Yankees budget has been discussed as far back as 1995.  Allegedly, this budget prevented the Yankees from signing Mike Cameron in 2009, and Johnny Damon in 2010.

But in other respects, the Yankees’ budget is like a campaign promise: it becomes more difficult to pin down the further we’re past Election Day.  We were told that the 2010 Yankees’ budget was at $185 million, but somehow by Opening Day the Yankees’ payroll had reached $213 million.  We were told in the beginning of this year that the Yankees only had $2 million left in their budget to sign their final outfielder (money that was spent on the combo of Randy Winn and Marcus Thames), but somehow the Yankees found the extra $3.5 million needed mid-season to sign Kerry Wood and Lance Berkman, and had money left over for the possible mid-season acquisition of Cliff Lee.…

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