Rotation Options Dwindling

Joel Sherman still believes the Yankees are the favorite to land Cliff Lee, which as Cliff Corcoran notes, has become increasingly important: Last Thursday I took a look at the available free agent starting pitchers not named Cliff Lee or Andy Pettitte and boiled it down to four viable alternatives for the Yankees in the event of Lee singing elsewhere and/or Pettitte retiring. Less than a week later, half of those pitchers have already signed with other teams. Worse yet, the two pitchers who signed were the top two in my ranking of the four. Hiroki Kuroda re-signed with the Continue reading Rotation Options Dwindling

Baseball Infamy: John Dillinger – From the Bushes to Robbing Banks

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog. It is the beginning of a series on infamous historical figures who also had a notable association with baseball.) When the notorious bandit Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, legend has it that he matter-of-factly replied, “It’s where the money is”. When Cliff Lee eventually signs his mega free agent contract, his motivation will likely be the same, but when it comes to money, baseball players aren’t always as honest as bank robbers. Just ask John Dillinger. He tried his hand in both professions. [image title=”biograph6″ size=”full” id=”23042″ align=”center” alt=”Dillinger was gunned down outside Continue reading Baseball Infamy: John Dillinger – From the Bushes to Robbing Banks

The Yankees aren't getting Justin Upton, and other Yankee-related Hot Stove items

The three of us have been pretty tied up this week with real world obligations, ergo the constant barrage of Season in Review posts and lack of commentary on any Yankee-related news (though hopefully you’ve been enjoying the Seasons in Review series). Of course, due to the lack of any real news to speak of outside of the usual irresponsible rumormongering and unfounded gossip that accompanies every Yankee offseason, there hasn’t really been any compelling need to weigh in. However, there have been a flurry of new Yankee rumors during the last few days, so let’s take a moment to Continue reading The Yankees aren't getting Justin Upton, and other Yankee-related Hot Stove items

Taking The Joba Time Machine

Brian Cashman finally ended the Joba debate yesterday by calling the starting experiment over. Ben Kabak does a great job summing up what went wrong, and the internet is rife with people explaining how the Yankees should have handled matters. However, it seems that some of those opinions are based on hindsight, as I seemed to remember a lot more support for the actions that were taken by the Yankees as things unfolded. I decided to go back through the RAB archives (TYU is not old enough to cover it all) to try and reconstruct all of the twists and Continue reading Taking The Joba Time Machine

Doing Diligence on Upton and Feliciano

Yesterday, we heard that the Yankees were checking in on left handed relief pitcher Pedro Feliciano, as well as newly available right fielder The Justin Upton. On some level, both players make sense for the Yankees. Feliciano is a lefty reliever who, shockingly enough, kills lefties. Justin Upton is my age and has already established himself as a legitimate player. For a player of Upton’s talent, there is almost always room on the roster. For a pitcher like Feliciano, there’s almost certainly always a job because everyone wants a lefty at some point. However, I don’t see the interest from Continue reading Doing Diligence on Upton and Feliciano

This just in: Cliff Lee will sign for the most money

Shocking as it might seem, indications are that Cliff Lee will indeed take the biggest contract and that’s likely to come from the Yanks:

An executive who worked for a team on which Lee played — and actually admires Lee — said he nevertheless believes the left will make his decision based on who pays him the most. Period. “And can anyone pay him more than the Yankees? I don’t think so.”

I’m intentionally not posting every Lee/Jeter-related rumor because most of them are actually not telling us anything. This isn’t either, really, but it just further strengthens the “Siberia” comment from earlier this Fall.

Picture above: CC and Cliffly, Free Agents Like Us. Continue reading This just in: Cliff Lee will sign for the most money

2010 Season in Review: Javier Vazquez

The late ’90s Yankee dynasty was awash in pitching. Whether it was David Cone, David Wells, Orlando Hernandez, Andy Pettitte, or Roger Clemens, from 1996 to 2000 the Yankee rotation was stacked with excellent starting pitchers who excelled in the postseason. Unfortunately, only one of those players was homegrown. The rest were imported, and therefore old. As Larry pointed out on Monday, by the time the 2004 season began the once mighty pitching staff had crumbled away, mostly due to age, and in the case of Pettitte, bad business decisions. This also exposed the basic risk of importing any players, Continue reading 2010 Season in Review: Javier Vazquez

Kicking the tires on Justin Upton

As I’m sure you know by now, the Yanks and Red Sox were both reported to have inquired on the availability of Diamondbacks star CF Justin Upton. I wonder where the other 28 teams were, if this rumor is at all serious. It may be nothing, all players are available on some level and Kevin Towers has been known to talk a bit when you stick a microphone under his nose. But with the D-Backs in full rebuild mode it’s something you have to at least take a look at. Good buddy Mike Silva of NYBD has some details (via Continue reading Kicking the tires on Justin Upton

The Yankees’ Budget

The 2010 baseball season is over, and the “Hot Stove League” is in full swing. It’s November, and a Yankee fan’s heart turns to free agency.

We’re like kids before Christmas, only the visions that dance in our heads are of multi-million dollar free agents and not sugar plums. The Yankees have their own free-agents to re-sign: Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and (if he still wants to play) Andy Pettitte. There’s Kerry Wood, who might remain a Yankee if we ask him nicely (and pay him well). And of course, there are all those alluring free agents who have never been Yankees, such as Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth.

Let’s bring ‘em all to the Bronx, why don’t we? What’s stopping us? Money? Is money ever an object for the New York Yankees? To quote Wallace Matthews (from one of his recent string of outstanding columns): “the New York Yankees have never allowed money to stand in the way of getting something — or someone — they really want.”

That may change this year. This year, the Yankees may have something known as a “budget” – a spending limit specified in advance by ownership.

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Continue reading The Yankees’ Budget