Big Red giggles at something remarkably dumb

And the damage to the RedSox budget would be equally inestimable, Big Red. The RedSox have ample resources at their disposal and we also are more than well aware that they guys running the club are not prone to childish fits of impetuousity.  Maybe John Henry also has a similar giggle-fit over this idea and calls Theo to float the idea. I’m willing to bet Theo would bark him off that tree pretty darn fast.  Theo (and John Henry) wants to win and that includes beating the Yanks, but this would not be the way to do it.

Cashman would not match some sort of “offer him the world” deal that Big Red is proposing.  Maybe if this ship was run by Hank and it was 2007 it might work, but not today.  Perhaps the Sox might make a token offer to tempt Jeter but it sure won’t be over what the Yanks are offering.  That’s a game of chicken that the Sox have no interest in playing.…

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Awkward to All Star: Yankees’ Swing Man McDougald Dead at 82

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The Yankee family has lost yet another member in 2010 with the passing of Gil McDougald at the age of 82.  McDougald, whose 10-year Yankee career included five world championships and eight pennants, was best know for his versatility, a quality that...

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Looks like Tulo really wants to be like Jeter

Oh, and from that Feb 9, 2001 article, said Randy Levine:

“This was an arduous process. This is an agreement that’s a fair agreement and a great agreement for everybody.”

Wonder if we’re going to get a repeat of this soon?  Sure would be nice.

So said Jeter:

“Being the highest paid is not something I covet. If that was the case, I would have waited another year and maximized my earning potential, so to speak. […] “I couldn’t picture it. I really felt there was no reason to see if the grass was greener on the other side. Even if I had played out the year, my first choice would have been New York.”

We’ll see if this is repeated, too.

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Does the Uribe signing give Jeter’s side the “other suitor” they need?

I also have to completely agree with this comment by “an executive from another club”:

“I’m pretty blown away that it even came to this level. This is a Hall of Famer. This is the face of the franchise. It just usually doesn’t come to this.”

Agreed. I know the team wants to hold the line on salaries and there’s a very big part of me that applauds this attempt.  However, to choose Jeter as that guy to stick it to strikes me as misguided and disappointing. I would never endorse a blank check policy in a situation like this, but I never would have conducted this as transparently as the Yanks organization has done thus far.  This public spat is embarrassing for all sides.  Don’t tell me “it’s just business” anymore; it’s gotten way too personal to be “just business“.  Someone needs to gain some sense soon and put an end to Al Jeterzeera.

As I said a week and a half ago, the Yanks should come out with a statement like this and begin a press embargo until Jeter signs, somewhere:

“The entire Yankee organization desires to keep Derek Jeter in pinstripes his entire playing career and for the rest of his post-playing life.

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Discussion: Hall of Fame Ballot Debuts

The 2011 Hall of Fame Ballot was released today. I’ve broken up the candidates into 3 groups: those I think should get in, those who have a case, and those who have no chance. Chime in with your list in the comments. I’ll discuss the borderline candidates in greater detail over the next few weeks.


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Looking Ahead

We’re all focused on the present. The Yankees have a bunch of pending transactions. They’ve made an offer to Derek Jeter; they’ll probably do the same to Mariano Rivera and Cliff Lee shortly. I’m sure there are other signings and trades that the front office is mulling over right now, too. But what about next...

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