Madden-Jeter wants 6 years/150 mil

Bill Madden is reporting that sources in the Jeter camp are looking for a deal that would pay Derek 25 million per year until age 42. He writes: Throughout this process, Close and Jeter have never revealed what they’re actually looking for – which is why so many Yankee fans, opposing club officials and nationwide media types are asking: Why are the Yankees treating Jeter this way? But sources close to the Jeter/Close camp have said their starting point was six years, $150 million and that they aren’t budging on $25 million per year – which would effectively get the Continue reading Madden-Jeter wants 6 years/150 mil


This post is a cliche, and I don’t care. –I’m thankful for the fact that I can write for this great blog. I love being able to share my thoughts with you at a moment’s notice just because I want to. I’m thankful for my fellow writers. They challenge me to be better at this every single day and through their excellent writing and eloquent sharing of different ideas. –I’m thankful that I’ve been able to watch the whole careers of some great players, like Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada. Watching them grow as Continue reading Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers

As Yankee fans we have many blessings. Rooting for the most successful franchise in sports history is a recipe for a sports life that will be filled with many magical memories. While most fans in most cities are happy to simply make the playoffs, Yankee fans are crushed when they lose in the ALCS. I’ve always embraced those expectations, but it is important to keep the lofty perch the Yankees occupy in perspective. Baseball is by it’s nature a game of failure, yet we as Yankee fans experience less of it than anyone else. Thanksgiving presents us a perfect opportunity Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers

Derek Jeter: Where Is The Love?

Over the last few days, the Yankees have lobbed a number of verbal grenades in the direction of Derek Jeter. One surprising thing about the entire saga has been the amount of support the club has gotten in this battle with the Yankee captain. I expected many more indignant fans to rip the Yankees and defend Jeter than I have seen. This has caused me to start thinking about Jeter’s legacy with the fans, and wondering whether he is truly loved by Yankees fans. This morning, I posed the following query on Twitter: “True or false: Yankees fans respect greatly Continue reading Derek Jeter: Where Is The Love?

Projecting the 2011 Yankee Payroll

Tuesday was a big day for the Yankee Hot Stove. The biggest rumors surrounded top Yankee target Cliff Lee. First, it was rumored that the Yankees were considering offering Lee $115 million over five years, an expensive but fair evaluation of his worth. Yesterday those numbers were revised upwards to $140 million over six years. Although extravagant, that rumor was plausible because it didn’t quite represent over-paying Lee relative to CC Sabathia or Johan Santana. Also, if it were true then you may as well have fit the lefty for Pinstripes because no team in baseball is matching that offer. Continue reading Projecting the 2011 Yankee Payroll

Pre-Holiday Thoughts on Jeter

I haven’t had the opportunity to say much about the past week or so worth of “developments” in the ongoing saga of Derek Jeter‘s free agency, so I’m going to say my peace now, and then I’m going to do my best to ignore it until there’s some actual news. Maybe watch some football. Ohio State and Michigan are playing after all. But I digress. These will probably be a little disjointed, forgive me, they’re basically just a series of observations built up over the past week or so.

First of all, while I an appreciate some of the frustration with the public nature of the dispute, I feel compelled to point out that there was really never any alternative to a public war of words between the two sides. As much as anything else, this is a P.R. battle between Jeter and the Yankees, and was always destined to be. Jeter’s camp is trying to sow the impression in the minds of Yankees’ fans that he’s The Captain, face of the franchise, Hall of Famer, yada yada yada and he deserves to be compensated for past performance (2010 excluded, naurally). The Yankees want to make it clear that they are, in fact, paying him for that, and that their offer is well above what anyone else is willing to pay Jeter. Ultimately the outcome of the P.R. fight isn’t likely to matter much, but for now it is what it is.

Secondly, messy or not, I don’t think there’s anything particularly worrisome about the state of the negotiations thus far. Jeter asked for a lot of money, the Yankees offered him much less than he wants, but probably about what they want to pay him. This is just business. I’m not upset by what either side is doing, nor am I surprised things have gotten a little bit hairy. This is a business negotiation with a lot of money at stake, and those sorts of things will get a bit messy from time to time. Ultimately things will get sorted out, everyone will move on, and in a couple of years (or months) it will be a complete non-issue.

(click “view full post” to read more) Continue reading Pre-Holiday Thoughts on Jeter

On the Arbitration Offers (Or Lack Thereof)

Yesterday, the Yankees declined to offer arbitration to all of their free agents (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Lance Berkman, and Kerry Wood) except for Javier Vazquez. We can quite easily say that offering to Vazquez was the riskiest thing the Yankees could have done. He had, by far, the worst year of the five and made a good chunk of change. Had he accepted, the Yankees probably would’ve been on the hook for a good deal of money and a (probably) unproductive player. But, Vazquez and the Yankees had an agreement, and Vazquez turned down arbitration. So, he’ll give the Continue reading On the Arbitration Offers (Or Lack Thereof)

2010 Season in Review: The Bullpen

Though Mariano Rivera really deserves his own post, we’re including him in our bullpen Season in Review, primarily because we’ve already done so many individual player reviews that it just seemed easier this way. We touched on the Yankee bullpen in the Positive Storylines from 2010 post a few weeks ago, noting that in 2010 the unit posted the third-best ERA (3.47) in the American League (and best mark of Joe Girardi‘s three-year tenure) and the fifth-best FIP (4.06). Here are the numbers for the pitchers who threw in relief for the Yankees this past season, sorted by FIP (note: Continue reading 2010 Season in Review: The Bullpen