Why we can expect a better OBP from Alex Rodriguez in 2011

In the grand baseball scheme of things, Alex Rodriguez had a solid, if unspectacular season in 2010, posting the 4th-best fWAR (3.9) among third basemen in the American League...

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Touching on Mo

While we at TYU have spilled a lot of virtual ink over the Derek Jeter contract, we’ve seldom touched on the Mariano Rivera contract situation. The negotiations have gotten much less press than the Jeter ones, so let’s check in.

Last we heard, Mariano Rivera wanted a two year contract. Last night, we learned that the...

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Jeter not offered arbitration

I was beginning to get into this a bit but Buster Olney just weighed in (Insider required) and he captures it well here:

The Yankees’ belief is that their current three-year, $45 million offer is fair, and that by offering arbitration to Jeter, they essentially would bail him out after a down year. Jeter might make $22-23 million through arbitration. The Yankees feel that in the past, Jeter has fairly negotiated from his standing in the market place — when he went to arbitration in 1999, when he negotiated a 10-year, $189 million deal in 2001. And now the Yankees feel these talks should reflect Jeter’s place in the market; they also believe that no other team would be willing to pay him what they have offered.

Here’s one big factor working against Jeter in this negotiation: While the Yankees want Jeter and are offering him above what his market value is, they operate in the knowledge that if Jeter doesn’t re-sign — if he actually walks away — then his departure would not be a mortal blow to their pennant hopes in 2011.

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Two Mo Years? Done. Next? *UPDATED*

Though, Craig raised an excellent point as a throw-away line:

…we probably know less about Mariano Rivera than we know about any all-time elite athlete in history

Truer words were never spoken. SI.com had a story out last October that I reviewed here; it’s worth reading again.

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Preview: AL Most Valuable Player

Adrian Beltre

One of the Red Sox’s 2009 off-season investments that actually worked, Beltre was simply resplendent in his vacation away from the West Coast. Beltre’s .390 wOBA is his best since 2004, and he was awesome on defense yet again. Okay, but how does that compare to Hamilton? Offensively, there’s no competition—Hamilton is ridiculously better even counting the 20 games played difference—but defense is again the tricky part. Beltre is considered an elite defender at third, but how “elite” is he? Is he +20 elite or just +10, because that’s a win difference? That win difference is the difference between the two in essentially both measurements. Given that UZR has consistently put him in the 11-13 range over the past few years, he’s probably just that. And if he is just that, then he wasn’t better than Hamilton this season.

Evan Longoria

Couldn't be helped.

Longoria’s numbers are amazingly similar to Beltre’s. In FanGraphs, they really almost are identical, but B-Ref (in which Longoria is a win and a half better than Hamilton and Beltre) really messes things up.…

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BBWAA Afraid of Internet Bullies?

Seriously, an actual Cy Young voter said that. And put his name on it. Obviously I don’t think this makes any sense. Put aside the fact that 21 of 28 voters had Felix at the top of their ballots, and just consider the dynamic of bullying for a second. Bullies have the power over the bullied, whether it’s because they’re the bigger kid, because they’re higher in an organization than someone else, etc., bullies are always the more powerful party in the equation. Obviously that wouldn’t be the case here. I’ve been known to criticize Ken Rosenthal a few times, but I’ve certainly never bullied him. Why? Because he’s bigger than me. Whatever I might say about Rosenthal or someone else in the BBWAA, they’ve got a much larger platform than me and are seen and read by a lot more people than I am. And I’ve got a pretty darn big platform in the context of fan blogs. Which is what always makes this whining about “the internet” so unintentionally hilarious.…

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