Cafardo: "Word Is" Yankees To Offer Lee 5 Years, 115 Million

Via MLB Trade Rumors:

“Word is” that the Yankees are currently willing to offer Cliff Lee about $115MM over five years. Cafardo says the Rangers are aiming to match whatever the bidding gets up to, while the Nationals are also still in the hunt. Earlier in the week, Nolan Ryan said he didn’t expect Texas to be able to outbid the Yanks for Lee.

That’s $23 million per year through 2015, a year when Lee will turn 38 years old.

It’s hard to express how dangerous this offer is. In 2015, the Yankees will be paying Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, and Cliff Lee a total of 89.5 million dollars. Lee will be 38, Rodriguez will be 40, Teixeira will be 36 and Sabathia will be 35. This is a recipe for disaster. And hell, Derek Jeter will probably still be demanding $25 million.

The Yankees are essentially sacrificing the middle part of this decade for a marginally better shot at making the playoffs in the early part of it.… Click here to read the rest

Offer Arbitration to Vazquez?

"...another year in pinstripes?"

The Yanks have until Tuesday, November 23rd to offer arbitration to their free agents. I would expect them to offer it to Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, given that the Yanks would absolutely love for them to accept 1 year deals. I’d think they won’t offer to Andy Pettitte, knowing he only wants to play for the Yanks and thinking they can do better by negotiating with Andy than they can with an arbitrator. Most of the rest of their other free agents (Berkman, Wood, Johnson, Kearns) are either too old and/or overpaid to offer arbitration to, fearing they’d accept and do much better in arbitration negotiating from their base salary. As a rule, older players that don’t figure to get multi-year offers elsewhere will typically do better in arbitration than they will as free agents.

But lately the hot stove has been buzzing with interest for Javier Vazquez. First, we heard the Braves would like to bring him back with the strong 2009 campaign he had in Atlanta.… Click here to read the rest

Historic Rivalry Returns to Yankee Stadium; Army, Notre Dame Wake Up Echoes of Legends Past

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Three of the most significant names in American sports history collide tonight when Army and Notre Dame not only play the fiftieth game in their historic rivalry (for a summary of every game, click here), but do so at Yankee Stadium for the first time in 41 years.

When Army first played Notre Dame on November 1, 1913, the game was really more of a warm-up for the upcoming clash with Navy later that month. However, the Westerners, as Notre Dame was labeled in the New York Times’ account of the game, upset the cadets with a revolutionary passing game that took the college football word by surprise. By the end of the afternoon, the Fighting Irish, who were captained by the legendary Knute Rockne, bested Army by a jaw dropping 35-13.

The East learned a lesson from the Middle West at West Point on Saturday, when Notre Dame showed a greater development of the possibilities of the forward pass than Eastern elevens have undertaken to master.” – New York Times, November 13, 1913

[image title=”1925-ND-ARMY-VS-1925″ size=”full” id=”23131″ align=”center” alt=”A scene from the first Army vs.… Click here to read the rest

Yanks tap Rothschild to be new pitching coach

About 20 minutes ago, the Yankees announced that Larry Rothschild, former pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs, will be filling the same position for the Yankees for the next 3 years.  Rothschild will take the place of Dave Eiland, who was not rehired after a bumpy 2010 season.  Unlike Eiland, Rothschild brings significant experience as a major league pitching coach to the table, having held the position in Chicago since 2002.  He has also worked with the Braves and Marlins in the past, as well as managing the Rays.  I’m typing from some mediocre wifi right now so more in-depth analysis will have to wait, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that the Yankees went for an experienced, well-respected major league coach after the Dave Eiland experience did not work out.  This announcement came out of left field, but ninja-like moves such as this one have become the norm for Brian Cashman.… Click here to read the rest

Yankee Draft Strategy: Spread the Wealth

I’ve been doing some research for my article in this year’s Yankees Annual magazine, and figured that I would share some of it with you guys. Here is a chart of the players signed by the Yankees to six-figure bonuses this year, with the one caveat that a few may lurk out there that I could not track down.

[image title=”Draft bonuses 2010″ size=”full” id=”23109″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

The Yankees, even moreso than past years, hedged their bets across a wide spectrum of players. They spent about 8 million dollars total between the international market and draft this season, plus whatever they ended up giving to Wilmer Romero. That makes it a pretty big year for the team, despite no top-dollar first round or international signings like Ian Kennedy, Slade Heathcott, or Gary Sanchez.

Its an interesting group. They definitely aimed high. The Yankees have a pretty mixed record with above-slot signings and IFAs,  with a whole lot of complete flops.… Click here to read the rest

Minor League Recap: Gulf Coast League Yankees

2010 Recap
The GCL Yankees had a disappointing season, ending up at the bottom of the GCL North division with a record of 24-32.  They ended eight games behind the GCL Phillies, who won the division with a record of 32-24.  Much like the big club, the GCL Yankees pitching was a source of frustration.  Their 4.03 team ERA put them towards the bottom of the division and they only managed one shut out during the short season.  Control may have been the biggest issue, as the Yankees issued a league leading 214 walks (tied with the GCL Orioles).  They also gave up the second most runs in the league, allowing 301 opponents to score.

On the other hand, the GCL Yankees fared alright with their bats.  Their team average of .258 was good for third in the league, while their slugging percentage (.378) was second only to the GCL Red Sox (.385).  The Yankees hit 36 homers, also good for second in the league.… Click here to read the rest

Expanded Playoffs Could Be a Battle Worth Losing for "Purists"

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The word out of the General Managers meetings in Orlando is the plan to expand the major league baseball playoffs to 10 teams is moving full speed ahead. According to numerous reports, Commissioner Bud Selig, who has been pushing the proposal with a heavy hand, intends to finalize a recommendation after convening his special committee at the winter meetings in December. Ultimately, any plan would have to be approved by both the owners and players before being implemented, but the early signs point toward acceptance from both.

The initial negative reaction to expanding the post season centers on potential damage to the integrity of the regular season as well as the possible dilution of the playoffs by permitting lesser teams to participate. Both of those concerns are certainly valid, but don’t they exist under the current system anyway?

I think the more teams you have in it, the month of September will obviously be more meaningful.

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