Cafardo: "Word Is" Yankees To Offer Lee 5 Years, 115 Million

Via MLB Trade Rumors: “Word is” that the Yankees are currently willing to offer Cliff Lee about $115MM over five years. Cafardo says the Rangers are aiming to match whatever the bidding gets up to, while the Nationals are also still in the hunt. Earlier in the week, Nolan Ryan said he didn’t expect Texas to be able to outbid the Yanks for Lee. That’s $23 million per year through 2015, a year when Lee will turn 38 years old. It’s hard to express how dangerous this offer is. In 2015, the Yankees will be paying Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Continue reading Cafardo: "Word Is" Yankees To Offer Lee 5 Years, 115 Million

Offer Arbitration to Vazquez?

The Yanks have until Tuesday, November 23rd to offer arbitration to their free agents. I would expect them to offer it to Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, given that the Yanks would absolutely love for them to accept 1 year deals. I’d think they won’t offer to Andy Pettitte, knowing he only wants to play for the Yanks and thinking they can do better by negotiating with Andy than they can with an arbitrator. Most of the rest of their other free agents (Berkman, Wood, Johnson, Kearns) are either too old and/or overpaid to offer arbitration to, fearing they’d accept Continue reading Offer Arbitration to Vazquez?

Historic Rivalry Returns to Yankee Stadium; Army, Notre Dame Wake Up Echoes of Legends Past

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). Three of the most significant names in American sports history collide tonight when Army and Notre Dame not only play the fiftieth game in their historic rivalry (for a summary of every game, click here), but do so at Yankee Stadium for the first time in 41 years. When Army first played Notre Dame on November 1, 1913, the game was really more of a warm-up for the upcoming clash with Navy later that month. However, the Westerners, as Notre Dame was labeled in the New York Times’ account of the game, Continue reading Historic Rivalry Returns to Yankee Stadium; Army, Notre Dame Wake Up Echoes of Legends Past

Yanks tab Larry Rothschild as new pitching coach

Yanks added former Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild to the staff today. His first two assignments, if successfully completed, would deem him a genius:

Two of Rothschild’s main assignments will be to straighten out starter A.J. Burnett and reliever Joba Chamberlain, both of whom floundered this season. Burnett, who went 10-15, went into a downward spiral around the same time Eiland left the team for still-undisclosed personal reasons in early June.

If we see this pose in 2011, I’m sure it will be AJ Burnett-related.

Some other Rothschild stuff:

*h/t to Craig at HBT for these two links above Continue reading Yanks tab Larry Rothschild as new pitching coach

Sayonara Albaladejo

The Yanks agreed to release Jonathan Albaladejo today so that he could sign with the Yomuiri Giants in Japan. Much like Darryl Rasner did a few years back. Chad Jennings has the dirt:

Albaladejo made New York’s Opening Day roster two years in a row, always has something of a mop-up reliever with no truly defined role. He changed his approach this season and the results were impressive: 43 saves, 82 strikeouts and 18 walks in 63.1 Triple-A innings.

He was understandably disappointed that he didn’t get more of a look, but he was always professional about it, saying he understood there were other guys who deserved a shot as well. Now he’ll get a chance to go make some money and, I would assume, possibly give the big leagues another shot in a year or two.

Here’s wishing the big man loads of good luck and success. Just don’t come back and beat us, OK? Continue reading Sayonara Albaladejo

Yanks tap Rothschild to be new pitching coach

About 20 minutes ago, the Yankees announced that Larry Rothschild, former pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs, will be filling the same position for the Yankees for the next 3 years.  Rothschild will take the place of Dave Eiland, who was not rehired after a bumpy 2010 season.  Unlike Eiland, Rothschild brings significant experience as a major league pitching coach to the table, having held the position in Chicago since 2002.  He has also worked with the Braves and Marlins in the past, as well as managing the Rays.  I’m typing from some mediocre wifi right now so more in-depth Continue reading Yanks tap Rothschild to be new pitching coach

Yankee Draft Strategy: Spread the Wealth

I’ve been doing some research for my article in this year’s Yankees Annual magazine, and figured that I would share some of it with you guys. Here is a chart of the players signed by the Yankees to six-figure bonuses this year, with the one caveat that a few may lurk out there that I could not track down. [image title=”Draft bonuses 2010″ size=”full” id=”23109″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] The Yankees, even moreso than past years, hedged their bets across a wide spectrum of players. They spent about 8 million dollars total between the international market and draft this season, plus Continue reading Yankee Draft Strategy: Spread the Wealth

Minor League Recap: Gulf Coast League Yankees

I had meant to start this series a while ago, but I have been slowly adjusting to a rather hectic schedule these days.  I have (hopefully) found a new balance, and thought it was better late than never to look back on the successes and disappointments of the Yankees’ minor league affiliates in 2010.  My idea for this series is to give you a brief recap of the minor league affiliate’s season as a whole and focus on players who both took steps forward and backwards.  If there are other things you’d like to know or you think I should add as the series goes on please let me know.   These recaps are likely to get more involved as I work my way up through the system.

The Yankees have plenty to be excited about in the minors. On the other hand, there are always some concerns and some disappointments.  Today, we will take a look at the Gulf Coast League Yankees, who may not have had the most successful season when it came to wins and losses, but still had some bright spots.

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Expanded Playoffs Could Be a Battle Worth Losing for "Purists"

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). The word out of the General Managers meetings in Orlando is the plan to expand the major league baseball playoffs to 10 teams is moving full speed ahead. According to numerous reports, Commissioner Bud Selig, who has been pushing the proposal with a heavy hand, intends to finalize a recommendation after convening his special committee at the winter meetings in December. Ultimately, any plan would have to be approved by both the owners and players before being implemented, but the early signs point toward acceptance from both. The initial negative reaction to expanding the post season Continue reading Expanded Playoffs Could Be a Battle Worth Losing for "Purists"