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4 thoughts on “Crawford is a RedSox; AL East is absurd

  1. Here's a fun comparative game; 4 different players' stats from 2010:

    Player A: .321/.365/.553 28 HR 7.1 fWAR
    Player B: .307/.356/.495 19 HR 6.9 fWAR
    Player C: .298/.393/.511 31 HR 5.3 fWAR
    Player D: .302/.351/.493 20 HR 4.0 fWAR

    Player A is Adrian Beltre, player B is Crawford, player C is A-Gon, and player D is V-Mart. Realistically the Sox may have upgraded, but not by much in the near term. And while it's probably a more solid move in the intermediate, over the long term I don't like either deal that much.

    And I don't see how anyone can say they've upgraded defensively. Their infield defense is without doubt weaker now than it was last year, and I don't know that a left fielder can make up the difference in Boston.

  2. i think the last few years of this deal will probably be an overpayment but that’s the market right now. Crawford was going to get a lot of years somewhere. The question was need.

    The Red Sox definitely had a need and there weren’t a lot of alternatives. They had the money to spend so it’s hard to fault the move given the lack of alternatives.

    I’ve heard that CC has stated he doesn’t want to play center which is unfortunate. That would make this deal a bit better.

  3. And guys – right there is why I was all FOR the Sox "stealing" Jeter from us. Instead of cringing at the thought of Crawford being in a Boston uniform for years, instead they would be stuck with a 40 year old shortstop, and we'd have enough money to buy — say, Crawford?

    Flame me for loyalty, brand name, and anything else you want. Given a choice of who I want to see in the starting lineup three years from now – afaic, its a no brainer between the two.

    Now all we can hope for is the Niekro brothers 6 years from now – Phil and CC. With that being our "best" option.

  4. The Red Sox have essentially replaced Adrian Beltre with A-Gon and V-Mart with Carl Crawford (I will not call him "CC").

    If we look at how Beltre performed in 2010, A-Gon might actually be a downgrade, though to be fair I doubt Beltre will ever repeat his 2010 performance. Defensively, A-Gon is a downgrade because he forces the team to replace Beltre's flawless defense with Youkilis at third base (plus I suspect Youkilis is a better defensive first baseman than A-Gon). All things factored in, this move doesn't make the 2011 Red Sox better than the 2010 Red Sox, but doesn't make them worse either.

    As for Carl Crawford, I'm scratching my head on this one. The Red Sox let V-Mart walk because they didn't want to go to four years on a 32-year old catcher that can hit, but then essentially replaced him with a 29-year old outfielder that derives most of his value from speed (which is usually first to decline) and covering ground in left field (Fenway having the smallest left field in baseball). Scoffing at four years for V-Mart, only to give Crawford seven, is like scoffing at Russian Roulette for only having one bullet in the gun.

    I've always found Crawford to be overrated; a .337 lifetime OBP for a leadoff hitter? I think this is all a continuation of the damage done by the Yankees swiping Tex away in 2008. Losing Tex is the reason they needed to trade for V-Mart in the first place, the reason they traded for A-Gon (and essentially give him Tex's money anyway), and now it's why they need to replace V-Mart's production. Pennywise and pound foolish.

    Can we also stop gushing about the Red Sox rotation? Beckett is a brand-name fluke, capable of dominating every leap year. Lackey is a declining pitcher that probably never could have cut it in the AL East even during his salad days, signed to AJ Burnett's contract. Dice-K is a trainwreck in slow motion. Lester is a legitimate ace, and we have no idea what Buchholz is, because he's a young pitcher that has put up one quality and injury-free major league season so far. Yes, all five of these guys are locked up, but is that really something to brag about? Should the Yankees start bragging that they've got AJ Burnett "locked up"? The Red Sox have one ace-level pitcher (Lester). The Yankees have one ace-level pitcher (CC). If the Yankees sign Lee, they'll have two ace-level pitchers. Then again, 2011 is four years removed from 2007 for Beckett, which was four years removed from 2003…